After a period of alteration, Tyson Fury kicks taxi

After a period of alteration, Tyson Fury kicks taxi ...

Tyson Fury has announced his retirement following defeating Dillian Whyte last month at a packed Wembley Stadium. Fury''s career ended with a 32-0-1 record, and he is the world''s reigning heavyweight champion. Despite being done in the ring, Tyson is not adamantly ready to abandon his fight altogether.

Tyson Fury was caught on video navigating the streets of Cannes. Fury called for a taxi driver, but everything went awry. Fury''s argument sparked, according to TMZ.

Tyson then attempted to slap the vehicle as it was pulled away from the boxer. Fury sounded to have barely missed it. A member of his entourage also fired a shot at the fleeing cab.

Tyson addressed the incident in an Instagram post this morning. Fury exposed the fact that he was intoxicated. He said the French beer might have been a bit too much for him while on a run with his dad.

Strong beer!

Tyson Fury is set to return to professional wrestling in Cardiff, Wales. Wrestling enthusiasts are hoping to see him move into the squared circle once more.

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