At Red Lobster, Kim Kardashian resurrected the baby bar exam

At Red Lobster, Kim Kardashian resurrected the baby bar exam ...

The baby bar, commonly known as the First-Year Law Students Examination, is a class taken by students who are not attending accredited law schools, and is presented before the main bar exam which will allow them to practice law in California. Kim Kardashian previously revealed that she passed the baby barlegal exam, but it only took her several tries. While she was traveling with her family at a very common location, Kim learned a lot about the exciting news.

Kim walked out of the chain restaurant after discovering that she had passed the First-Year Law Students Examination while sitting in her car in front of a Red Lobster restaurant. In the most recent episode of Hulus The Kardashians, Kardashian and her daughter North, together with KKW Beauty''s chief marketing officer Tracy Romulus and her three children, Remi and Ryan, examined the results of the Kardashians test.

Kardashian had previously failed the exam three times. Kim went in the car because if she is depressed, she does not want to have everyone stare. One is only permitted to take the exam for a limited number of times, so Kim was very pleased to finally complete it.

I passed! Is this real? I''m so happy. I just couldn''t believe it, however.

While Face Timing with her lecturer Chuck Shonholtz, Kardashian returned to the restaurant with North when the commotion went down, urging her to call her dad immediately. Kardashian first revealed her passing of the test on Instagram, which is required for California students who study law through an apprenticeship, as Kardashian did.

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