In a new She-Hulk trailer, Iron Mans Stark Tech reappears

In a new She-Hulk trailer, Iron Mans Stark Tech reappears ...

The trailer for She-Hulk has just dropped, and fans now have their first look at Tatiana Maslanys hero at law. Despite the fact, the CGI did not impress most, yet it still looks like another exciting Disney+ adventure. While all eyes were on the Hulks, there is also something new in the finer details: the Stark tech return.

Despite Tony Stark''s death for a few years at this point, his company and itstechnologydont are attempting to go away. The last time fans saw them was at the start of Spider-Man: No Way Home, when all of Peters stuff was confiscated.

This time, however, the tech does not appear to be in the wrong hands. In fact, it''s in the hands of Mark Ruffalos Bruce Banner.

She-Hulk''''s Razor Sharp Stark Tech

The new trailer for Tatiana Maslanys Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been released, and supporters can see Stark Tech being used to promote the project.

In the scene in which Bruce locks Jen in the room with the rotating saw blades, eagle-eyed viewers can see the Stark Tech logo on them.

Despite being made of strong material, they appear to be not enough to stand out from the rest of the world.

Iron Man''''s Influence Remains

Fans may wonder how Stark continues to provide the correct technology to his former Avengers teammates until he''s gone. However, the most significant question is: why does Hulk have a Stark Tech death cage?

Bruce Banner sat down with Tony to develop a testing lab of sorts. Was it for the possibility of a future Hulk? Or perhaps it was entirely constructed to help figure out the green Avengers problems between Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, or even earlier when Bruce helped Tony construct his Hulkbuster armor, V.E.R.O.C.A.

It''s difficult not to think about what other neat little gadgets are hiding away in that same lab. There is no doubt that there will be plenty more training montage sequences for them to enter.

Tony did well in getting his knowledge out there into the world. It''s no wonder that an event like Armor Wars will end out and poor Rhodey will have to pick up all of the pieces.

She-Hulk is expected to be released on Disney+ on August 17, while Armor Wars will be put on the verge of being released later this year.

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