Halo's greatest player was not Master Chief, but it was Kai-125

Halo's greatest player was not Master Chief, but it was Kai-125 ...

The first season of Halo on Paramount+ is finally over, man, and it''s fair to say whether you were a fan or a detractor, it was a bit of a mess. Certain choices alienated long-time viewers of the video game series the show was based on, characters disappeared for significant lengths of time, and everything ended with a battle scene that was more video game than live-action, betraying the whole impetus for the series to begin with.

If there is one aspect of the show that worked entirely, it wasn''t Master Chief, the ostensible star, although Pablo Schreiber was certainly giving his all in the role. No, it was another Spartan who came out triumphant: Kai-125, played by Kate Kennedy.

Transcendence in Season 1 of TheHalo has gone beyond this point.

Part of the reason Kai excelled in the show first season is that the character had basically the same arc as Master Chief, without the burden of being a destiny children. While Master Chief, aka John-117, was also exploring his newfound humanity and connections to strange alien artifacts that may be crucial to the fate of the galaxy.

After one of the artifacts suppressed memories, Kai revealed his naked butt and removed his emotion suppressing chip (something that was given to him to make him a more focused soldier)

One of the reasons for Kai''s performance: "The whole show is about what makes us human when we have no humanity left," says Miranda Keyes, adding that her transition from unstoppable killing machine to unstoppable killing machine with a heart actually took more responsibility. But she was also forced on a path of destiny; she was able to navigate the journey for herself.

It''s also why the main theme of the finale was not watching Master Chief combat the evil aliens in The Covenant; it was Kai, early in the episode, taking on Dr. Halsey (Natascha McElhone). Although Kai seemingly nonsensically decided to go after Halsey in the midst of Makee (Charlie Murphy) escaping with one of the all-powerful alien artifacts, it leads to not just a killer action scene, but one of the most

After discovering that Halsey kidnapped the Spartans as children, Kai chases after Halsey''s ship, which is about to escape the UNSC homeworld of Reach. While regular, human soldiers lag behind, Kai develops her superhuman ability, runs after the spaceship, and jumps on top of it. Finally, she blasts through the hull, does a superhero landing inside, and then requires to know one thing: what exactly she says?

Reader, my jaw-dropped. Partially because Kennedy nails this moment, her voice cracking, her eyes wet with the beginning of tears. However, it becomes evident that Kai isnt hunting after Halsey out of a sense of duty, or for revenge, or any other high-minded plot reason. Its because Kai has discovered out her whole life has been a lie, and only she wants is to know one thing that is real.

Halsey, of course, deflects and manages to escape the ship in an escape pod, resulting in a last terrifying explosion for Kai. While the other Spartans watch, it seems like there was no way Kai could have escaped. Would the show actually kill her, and she crawls out of the wreckage, alive.

While hes scourged by the activated artifacts in the final battle, its Kai who kills Makee and frees John from its spell; its computer program Cortana (Jen Taylor) has it back to his ship. The season comes to an end with a shot of her helmet, but there''s nothing else on the outside, including a cracked blast shield and some metal. The second to last shot of Kai, a combination of worry for her friend and the future rippling across

Is it possible to say that Season 2 of Halo should leave Master Chief dead and his reanimated corpse puppeted by Cortana while Kai takes the lead in the show? I do not believe that it should be a two-hander between Kai and John, but I feel that the show must continue to work. Kai is more fun, more exciting, and has a stronger emotional arc than the supposed star of the series. If the idea ofHalo is to show us what it involves, both

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