Virtex, a virtual stadium developer, has raised $3.2 million in seed funding

Virtex, a virtual stadium developer, has raised $3.2 million in seed funding ...

Virtex is expanding its team thanks to $3.2 million raised in a round of seed funding. The company is a VR-focused virtual stadium developer with a focus on esports. Global Founders Capital, All Iron, Graph Ventures, and a number of other angel investors are among the sponsors of the funding round.

The Virtex Stadium is a social virtual reality show. People can join a lobby and chat with dozens of people. Or they can head directly into the stadium proper to get a seat to watch an event. The stadium itself will be able to assist hundreds of users at a time.

The conclusion of the funding round coincides with a partnership with Meta and Echo VR. The money and partnership will hope to broaden the scope of the platform. The studio also hopes to expand the scope of the development team along with the platform.

I''ve been a part of the esports industry for the past decade, and I have wore many hats, from fan to player, team owner, to on-air talent and production, according to Virtex CEO Tim Mcguinness. I''ve gained a deep understanding of what those passionate about esports are looking for from their community. Through this grant, I''ve gained the potential of this billion-dollar industry at all levels of the ecosystem, and I am confident that it will compete well.

It doesnt say Metaverse, but..

Virtex envisions the stadium experience as a transformative component that others will hope to build upon in the future. By prioritizing advancement, the company maintains its focus on esports content.

By establishing a fresh, free, and immersive audience platform, it hopes to offer entirely new revenue streams as options. For example, it wants to include digital sports jerseys that actually appear on a players avatar while inside the stadium. This makes more sense than a coin stuck in a digital wallet after all.

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