QuSecure has released the first end-to-end post-quantum solution

QuSecure has released the first end-to-end post-quantum solution ...

QuSecure, a post-quantum security company, has launched QuProtect, a quantum orchestration platform that can offer organizations end-to-end quantum network security and cryptographic orchestration.

As part of an end-to-end security solution, QuProtect uses a standard and compliance-based security structure to offer users endpoint zero-trust endpoint management and quantum cryptography.

For businesses, the QuProtects approach is designed to non only ensure network access to endpoints, but also to protect their communication with quantum encryption so that communication cannot be decrypted.

The mandate for quantum readiness

Concerns over post-quantum threats are escalating following the White House''s mandate that organizations take measures to protect themselves from post-quantum threats before quantum computers have the computing power necessary to decrypt traditional public-key algorithms.

Skip Sanzeri, the founder and CEO of QuSecure, claims that companies now need to shift their thinking towards digital security and embrace quantum computing.

Making this shift today is vital, as quantum computing will alter the global structure of political, economic, military, and society systems, sometimes for the better, but often for the worse, according to Sanzeri.

The world is experiencing the largest computer upgrade cycle in history as all of our current public key encryption must be upgraded to post-quantum, since quantum computers will fail this encryption (via the Shors algorithm).

What''s happening in the quantum security industry?

The launch of QuSecures coincides with a rapid growth in the global quantum cryptography market, with researchers forecasting the market at $89 million in 2020 and forecasting it to reach a value of $214 million by 2025 as further organizations strive to strengthen their defenses against post-quantum threats.

Sandbox AQ, a SaaS provider that leverages quantum technology and AI to mitigate operational challenges, has been linked to the organization vying for a number of other services, although this is mainly hypothetical at this stage. Alphabet, which has recently completed its ninth acquisition, has recently received $9 million in funding.

Quantum Xchange, a post-quantum provider currently valued at $59 million following a $13.5 million Series A funding round last year, has also competed in a major distribution system called Phio Trusted Exchange, which protects encryption keys against post-quantum threats while providing post-quantum cryptography.

QuSecure QuProtect is not solely a cryptography solution, but a quantum resilience end-to-end orchestration platform with endpoint management capabilities.

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