A Billionaire Decided To Escape From The Coronavirus In The Bunker But Forgot The Code To Enter

A Billionaire Decided To Escape From The Coronavirus In The Bunker But Forgot The Code To Enter ...

The fashion for buying bunkers "for a doomsday" increased among the American wealthy people, including Silicon Valley investors. According to The Guardian, some tycoons, who are allowed funds, are no longer content with hiding in their homeland and seek to get away, for example - to quiet New Zealand. A curious thing happened to one of these billionaires. At the last moment, he managed to break through the new Zealand border before it closed. But when he reached the cherished door, he suddenly realized that... he forgot his login code. When the billionaire realized the unenviable prospect of sleeping on the street in a foreign country, and even under the walls of real estate, for which he laid out millions of dollars, he had to urgently contact the Texas office of the company that created the object and "software" to it. "He wanted to restore the combination, and at the same time asked a lot of passing questions - for example, whether to stock up on additional water or air filters," said a representative of the company, who did not disclose the name of the unlucky client following the terms of the contract. Meanwhile, the media managed to find out that one of the founders of the PayPal payment system, Peter Thiel, has already moved to New Zealand. He bought a mansion in the island state for $ 4.7 million, which also has a "disturbing room" for meeting the end of the world. However, such an industry is developing in the United States. Missile silos and other abandoned military facilities are often converted into bunkers. Many turn into real underground towns - with swimming pools, hospitals, cinemas, and even gardens for walking. One of these underground megacities arose in South Dakota on the site of a military base that has not been used since 1942, writes The Sun. It combines 575 separate bunkers and can accommodate up to 5,000 guests. Housing prices there range from 20 to 160 thousand dollars.

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