Offices' Green Walls have a positive impact on skin and immunity health

Offices' Green Walls have a positive impact on skin and immunity health ...

The natural resources institute Finland (Luke) investigates that air-circulating green walls inside offices altered microbiota that affected employees'' skin health and improved the immune systems regulation. Effects could already be seen during one month.

One out of five people living in the developed countries is diagnosed with autoimmune symptoms, such as allergies, atopy, type 1 diabetes, and inflammatory bowel diseases. These are among the most estimated costs for the society to be more than a hundred billion euros per year.

Green walls are a combination of functionalities, according to research findings. In collaboration with nature, green walls are a useful tool to maintain healthy skin microbiota. This is because green walls are commonly used in laboratories and other outdoor areas to help maintain healthy skin. According to the results, green walls are also likely to be linked to immune regulation, and this is the first study in which scientists demonstrate that plants are being used for medical treatment of autoimmune disorders.

Green walls supporting health

Volunteer employees were randomly divided into two groups, one of which received a water-circulating green wall in their rooms, and the other as a control group without a green wall installed. The green walls were designed for conventional office buildings and a hospital area. A heartleaf philodendron (Philodendron scandens), a dragon tree (Dracaena sp.) and birds nest fern (Asplenium antiquum).

An increase in the relative abundance of lactobacilli was established on employees whose offices had green walls installed. In previous studies, skin lactobacilli have been found to prevent pathogens and skin infections. In previous studies, various types of gammaproteobacteria were linked to effective immune regulation in children.

The level of TGF-1 cytokine, linked to effective immune regulation, increased in the blood of those who worked in rooms with green walls installed during a month compared to the control group. Changes in blood cytokine concentrations were identified in the employees who worked in the office buildings participating in the study.

Solutions are required in order to maintain contact with nature.

Nature''s diverse microbes help the immune system develop and operate normally. This is why we need relatively inexpensive nature-based solutions to maintain nature contact and reduce autoimmune maladies. However, urban societies require, outsourced such methods, broader societal modifications to maintain and maintain healthy and beneficial contact with nature, according to Luke''s research scientist. These results encourage us to investigate this further.

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