Flow Chemistry's Universal UV-Visible Detector

Flow Chemistry's Universal UV-Visible Detector ...

Uniqsis'' Flow-UV is a universal in-line UV-Visible detector that sets a new standard for continuous flow monitoring.

The compact, high-resolution Flow-UV CCD array detector does not require calibration or routine servicing. In contrast to the conventional Deuterium UV lamps, the Xenon flash lamp source used in the Flow-UV has a lifetime of up to 10 years. The Flow-UV is extremely easy-to-use.

Flow-UV has compiled and saved a technique using the Flow-UV control software. All you need to do is press a single button to ensure constant response. Flow-UV has the ability to select up to five wavelengths for monitoring a reaction and to ensure detector saturation is avoided. Absorbance is measured against time by the system control software.

Fibre optic waveguides connect a choice of Flow-UV high pressure flow cells to the source and detector, thus permitting the flow cell to be positioned virtually anywhere in the flow path.

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