Peristaltic pumps, measuring mass flow

Peristaltic pumps, measuring mass flow ...

TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K reveals how its real time flowmeter can be used to determine average flow rate as well as peak values of pulsation, thus permitting the selection of the most appropriate setting for peristaltic pump applications.

peristaltic pumps are used for a wide range of applications, from simple solvent transfer to more complex flow chemistries and lab scale reactions, benefiting from their affordability, ease-of-use, and flexibility.

The technical director of TESTA Analytical commented As straightforward and reliable as peristaltic pumps are, they do nevertheless have limitations in their design and operation. Other factors, including the viscosity of the transported liquid, flow pulsations, back pressure, and aging of the pump tubing, are known to have a significant effect on the obtained flow rate.

Although simple applications like solvent transfer may not require a constant and known flow rate. More complex applications, such as reagent mixing for laboratory scale reactions and flow chemistries, require a precise flow rate to obtain reproducible and accurate experimental results. Our real-time flowmeter has been shown to assist in accelerating tube delivery and the rapid delivery of their results. This information also helps to avoid unnecessary peristaltic pump failure, costly downtime and the loss of expensive reagents.

The TESTA Analytical real-time liquidflowmeter, which is compact in size and conveniently connected with a USB connection, is powerful and capable of providing excellent performance. It also supports an extremely high resolution measurement capability that isn''t only extremely accurate, sensitive, and extremely effective. Asthe sensordoes do not interfere with the measurementit has been proven to be the ideal real-time liquid flow monitoring tool for a wide variety of applications.

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