These stars from Stephen Curry to Anthony Anderson are new college graduates

These stars from Stephen Curry to Anthony Anderson are new college graduates ...

Stephen Curry, the NFL Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis, former NFL star Colin Kaepernick, and actor Anthony Anderson have all completed a list of previous accomplishments.

These famous actors may now add college graduates to their outstanding resumes.

Curry, a three-time NBA winner, received a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Davidson College on Sunday for the whole 13 years after leaving school in 2009 to pursue a career on the basketball court.

Class of 2010.aka 2022 but we got it done! Curry, who is considered to be one of the NBA''s greatest shooters, sparked out with a video of the graduation ceremony.

Curry had only one semester left on the clock to complete his undergraduate degree, according to Davidson College in a statement on Twitter.

When I left, made the promise and had to see it through.

He returned to Davidson College for the spring semester and worked with two members of the Davidson faculty, a Stanford University professor, and a UC Santa Cruz professor who taught Stephen when both were at Davidson, according to the college.

On Sunday, his proud team shared a congratulatory note on Instagram, which included a picture of Curry wearing his graduation cap and blouse.

Davidson College said it expects Davidson College to provide his degree in the near future.

Jerome Bettis, the Pittsburgh Steelers'' top player, was another fresh college grad over the weekend.

The NFL Hall of Famer retired at the age of 50, proving that it is never too late to get a degree.

I hope that my journey will serve as a reminder that education is the true equalizer in life, and that it is never too late to begin.

After leaving school and embarking on his NFL dream, his big achievement comes about three decades later.

According to Sports Illustrated, Bettis left Notre Dame with just four courses to graduate. He took part in the 1993 NFL draft and was selected by the Rams with the draft''s 10th pick after abandoning school before graduation.

Bettis successfully maintained his own promise.

Bettis said she has been waiting 28 years to remember this moment in a post on Instagram, alongside a photo in his cap and gown.

Colin Kaepernick, an NFL player who plans to start next week with a college degree, is not only a good guy.

Because of his social justice skills, former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers is expected to receive an honorary degree from Morgan State University on Saturday.

Leadership, Integrity, Innovation, Diversity, Excellence, and Respect are all about words that appear on the walls of our campus, or words we utter casually when reciting our core values, but they are the embodiment of who we are, and what a Morgan graduate stands for.

With this idea in mind, we deliberately sought a group of individuals who truly embody these principles, and thankfully we have gathered a trio of voices who have bravely stoodand kneeled for the advancement and perfection of the voiceless, marginalized and disabled.

Kaepernick, who has not had the option to sign a team since 2017, was among the first players to kneel during the pregame game of the US national anthem in protest of extrajudicial killings of black people by police.

In 2017, he filed a complaint against the NFL, alleging collusion as no teams signed him. Kaepernick and the NFL were all settled in 2019.

When the NFL expressed interest in Kaepernick''s return in the summer of 2020, the athlete reacted a bit to the decision, leaving the team''s members to sign him. No team has done it so far.

This month, it wasn''t just athletes who received college degrees.

On May 8, actor and comedian Anthony Anderson resigned from Howard University as a new graduate.

When things are supposed to happen, it has been 30 years since the company started.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, the 51-year-old Black-ish star celebrated his new degree.

Anderson wrote, "It WAS ALL A DREAM" (To quote Biggie!" Words cant begin to describe the emotional roller coaster I am experiencing right now.

It''s been 30 years in the making. This spring I was finally able to complete the job to graduate from Howard University with a BFA degree from the Chadwick A Boseman College of Fine Arts! Yesterday was a full circle moment, adding it''s never too late.

He added that things happen when they''re supposed to happen.

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