Drake is set to collaborate on a new WWE Superstar

Drake is set to collaborate on a new WWE Superstar ...

Drake is a well-known rapper who has made a lot in the hip-hop industry, and something only a handful of rappers have managed. It is not really a surprise how well many people he has inspired with his own music, and there are also many people who want to work with him. Parker Boudreaux, a former WWE player, is still teasing his interactions with Drake and OVO.

Parker Boudreaux, a former footballer, was a popular performer last year after several fans included him with Brock Lesnar, deeming him the next big thing. This led to Boudreaux finally signing a developmental contract with WWE in February last year.

Parker Boudreaux became Harland in NXT and was largely aware of WWE''s behavior. Harland was unfortunately a part of the WWE Hall of Famer Edges'' new Judgement Day stable on the main roster.

Parker Boudreaux is well-known for his ability to interact with Rick Rossand and other prominent hip-hop players. In fact, Drake previously stated that he wants to work with Boudreaux.

Parker Boudreaux met Drake''s interest in working with him on Twitter and continued to tease a collaboration with Drake and OVO.

Parker Boudreaux will replace OVO with the next.

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