Sydney Sweeney is accused of being a spooked guy

Sydney Sweeney is accused of being a spooked guy ...

After her appearance on Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney was in the spotlight. She has been sued for allegedly bailing on a swimsuit deal.

Sweeney has been sued for breach of contract with a swimwear company, according to a new complaint. Sydney Sweeney then turned around and wore the suits on Euphoria.

LA Collective, a swim and lifestyle business, sued the HBO star for allegedly violating her contract to model and promote the company''s swimwear. Last year, the fashion company claimed to have established an agreement with Sydney to use her as an influencer for their new range, Somewhere Swimwear.

Sydney appeared to be on board at the start of their design and production prototypes. Later, she abruptly canceled the agreement without reason or cause, refusing to take the design for her personal use, according to the brand. Sydney allegedly copied the designs for her personal use, wearing the bikinis on at least five episodes of Euphoria.

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