Grimes is selling her Met Gala outfits to help Ukraine

Grimes is selling her Met Gala outfits to help Ukraine ...

In war-torn Ukraine, Grimes is auctioning two of her iconic items from the 2021 Met Gala to benefit BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color).

The 34-year-old art-pop artist posted an Instagram account on Monday, advising her followers that she is selling her Dune-inspired metal face mask and matching elf ears from a past summer attempt to raise money to help BIPOC families escape Ukraine because they''re having trouble exiting at the border.

The Chris Habana hard-shell facial covering is valued at $1,200, while Sofia Pavlova''s intricate ear cuffs are valued at $1,500.

Both will be available on Artsy until the deadline of the bid expires on May 26.

Grimes at the time of the September 2021 soiree included silver accessories with an Iris van Herpen silk gown and walked the pink carpet with a medieval sword, which was borrowed from the Met and made from a melted-down AR-15 assault rifle.

Memorabilia from the Grimes Met Gala are among the dozens of paintings and ephemera that embody resistance and were shown in an exhibit at the HVW8 Gallery in Los Angeles, Calif.

All proceeds from the auction will go to Diaspora Relief and Razom, both of whom are providing emergency relief, food, shelter, and evacuation assistance in Ukraine and at the Polish border, with a special focus on helping BIPOC families.

Turner, Grimes'' style director, was not only responsible for the show-stopping ensemble, but also for spearheading the project.

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