The New Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell isn't the same

The New Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell isn't the same ...

I am someone who would call a Mexican Pizza fan.

I would make periodic trips to the Taco Bell closest to my house in the early 1990s, acquiring an item that transcended the entire definition.

It might be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It may be a pick-me-up after a bad date or a bad day at work. It may be shared with friends over an episode of "My So-Called Life" or "Growing Pains."

It''s difficult to find words to explain what happened to me over the past few years. Maybe the crispy shell and the warm filling combo just hit all the appropriate notes. But whatever it was when the Yum! Brands (YUM) announced in September 2020 that it planned to discontinue the Mexican Pizza, because the packaging was terribly expensive and unfavorable.

As a writer who frequents the fast food world and the business logic behind it, I soon realized that Taco Bell''s move was not about packaging, but rather a desire to create a space that would be profoundly shaped by legions of Mexican Pizza lovers.

And it worked.

I was not surprised to hear that Mexican Pizza was making a comeback this summer with big fanfare, including plugs from Doja Cat, and special promos with Doordash (DASH) - Get DoorDash, Inc. Class A Report.

Since every business decision is, in the end, about the benefit of the business, I wondered how the Bell might have altered its famous menu item. But here''s another thing: it''s absolutely not the same.

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The New Mexican Pizza: What''''s Different?

Although the Mexican Pizza will not be released until May 19, rewards members were able to get early access, so I left for my local Taco Bell to see my beloved return.

I discovered that the Mexican Pizza has a whole different appearance--on the outside anyway--but I instantly wondered why Taco Bell made a lot of fuss over creating waste in the first place, further lending to my theory that the whole eco-friendly reasoning for discontinuing it was basically hogwash. I dropped an email to discover more, which it hasn''t yet answered at the time of this writing.

The new box also has a little logo that says "Est 1985," which I believe is a first for any of its menu items.

We''re all here to talk about the food, so let''s get to that.

The Mexican Pizza looks the same at an angle, although vegetarians will be pleased to hear there is now a version that swaps beef for refried beans (although, to be fair, this is probably a custom-ordered option in the past).

As I predicted in a press release, Taco Bell said "the masterminds in the Taco Bell test kitchen worked to streamline operations and ingredient sourcing, and leave a lighter footprint at the same time."

This transform is the foundation, which is not the one we all know and love.

This shell has less of the original lip-smacking sweetness, and the texture has evolved a bit. While the flavor was still creamy, it was not as appealing as the original.

The rest of the Mexican Pizza is about the same as I remember, from cheese to tomatoes. However, I can''t say that this new one is bad or that I''ll not order it again, and I''m not saying that Taco Bell would cut corners by trying to make a healthier shell. I''d rather have my classic old fave back the same way it was, a greasy crispy shell and everything.

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