New Burger King Whoppers Only a Mother Could Love

New Burger King Whoppers Only a Mother Could Love ...

Burger King''s most-famous sandwich has never been so precious. The company has offered seemingly endless variations of the Whopper, from ridiculous ideas to more practical ones, like the recent Whopper Melts.

Get Restaurant Brands International Inc Report chain has created several iterations including the Texas Whopper, the Angry Whopper, the Indy Whopper, the A1 Halloween Whopper, the Upside Down Whopper, and, of course, the Ghost Whopper.

Put some barbecue sauce and onions on a burger and you don''t have something that''s harmful to the general public (or media) will get excited about. It''s a South Dakota Whopper, and it''s quick marketability.

Because of this, Burger King has chosen a Whopper Jr. and an Impossible Whopper rather than a small burger and a plant-based sandwich.

With its signature sandwich, the name is important. And now the chain has made something unique.

Burger King Is Not a New Whopper (Night, 9 of Them)

Pregnant women have a range of eating difficulties, from basic foods to common gimmicks about pickles and ice cream.

Brand Eating reports that Burger King sat down to this idea to commemorate Mother''s Day in Germany. The company conducted "a survey of the most popular pregnancy cravings for expectant mothers and, for one day, gave out Whopper burgers, which included the nine most popular cravings.

The nine most popular options were then fashioned as "Pregnancy Whoppers," served on top of a burger patty on the chain''s trademark sesame seed bun. The winners were:

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  • Fried Egg & Banana
  • Bratwurst & Nut-Nougat-Creme (Nutella)
  • Currywurst & Brathering (marinated fried herring)
  • Fish Sticks & Applesauce
  • Cucumber & Marmalade
  • Strawberry Ice Cream & Fries
  • Cream & Gherkins (a type of pickle)
  • Torte & Beef (it''''s a Double Whopper with layers of cake, cream, and fruit)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream & Olives

These special sandwiches were only offered for one day for free.

The Home of All the Whoppers

Herring or cake would not be a staple of the Whopper topping. This promotion also shows that Burger King has a sense of humor and a willingness to make use of its most popular sandwich for media coverage.

During the first quarter earnings call in 2022, Restaurant Brands Chief Executive Jose Cil stated that the Whopper was a crucial component of the chain''s marketing strategies.

"This quarter, we demonstrated our balanced approach to menu innovation and value for money while keeping our core equity, the Whopper, in the utmost mind," he said.

"We started the year with a $5 Have It Your Way Meal, which features a Double Whopper Jr., and a lesser-known burger, the Big King, and a quarter-pound King.

Cil spoke out about Burger King''s signature sandwich''s versatility:

"We used guest insights to create an item that offered greater portability at a price point between our Whopper Jr. and the Whopper melt." We started with three delectable flavors and added the product to our flame-grilled selection for a limited time.

"Results demonstrate that the offering had strong messaging with high-quality ads that performed well on our digital platforms and slowed down to a burger platform at a reasonable price point," he added.

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