Exclusive: Carrie Fisher's CG Resurrection Scheduled For Star Wars Series

Exclusive: Carrie Fisher's CG Resurrection Scheduled For Star Wars Series ...

Carrie Fisher''s performance in The Mandalorian in 2016, was a blow to all of Disney''s imagination, including her ability to play screen in The Mandalorian in the summer 2002, but she isn''t even expected to play as a small child. However, Lucasfilm is planning on adding a CGI version of Carrie Fisher to its upcoming Star Wars series. It''s unclear how many times, depending on where they are, that it''s not possible to follow the rules. A few weeks later

Carrie Fisher''s death in 2016 was a shambles to all of pop culture. Out of her iconic screenplay as Princess Leia Organa, she was an accomplished screenplay writer, writer, playwright, and script doctor (it''s pretty much because of Hook''s fact that she is absolutely watchable). Unfortunately, Lucasfilm is planning to continue producing Carrie Fisher once more through the necromancy of CGI.

According to reports, the goal is to introduce a CGI version of Carrie Fisher into an upcoming Star Wars series. The first question becomes: which? The increased success of Disney+, which allows Star Wars fans to (and Marvel fans) to develop new content, seems to be putting Lucasfilm and its parent company behind developing shows at least as rapid as movies.

Currently, Lucasfilm has confirmed a number of different series, some of which might be suited to a Carrie Fisher cameo or supporting role more likely than others. In either the third season of The Mandalorian or in Ahsoka, Carrie Fisher might play out in the post-Return of the Jedi and the Pre-Force Awakens period.

Carrie Fisher may play in the Diego Luna series Andor, set five years before Rogue One (in which we already had a famous Leia appearance) if she gets removed, so who knows if Lucasfilm will try to toss it in there.

And that is the other aspect of a strategy to introduce a CGI version of Carrie Fisher to a series. Apart from the moral and existential quandaries of digitally resurrecting an actor (reportedly Fishers family made a deal with Disney to allow her digital charm to appear in Rise of Skywalker, but who knows where that is at), the actual mechanics of rendering the very famous youthful appearance of an actor is still a process.

The Carrie Fisher/CGI hybrid Princess Leia that appeared in Rogue One''s final moments left viewers and critics unhappy (and a little creeped out) as did the CGI version of Peter Cushings Grand Moff Tarkin. This was not done with CGI, but by the use of visual and audio clips from previous films and Carrie Fisher''s daughter Billie Lourd as a physical stand-in.

With a CGI Carrie Fisher''s first appearance in recent Disney+ shows, the best we could probably hope for would be something similar to her cinematic brother Luke Skywalkers. So those were made with the still-living Mark Hamills collaboration, so we will just have to wait and see how it progresses for this dangerous encounter.

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