Recasting Original Star Wars Characters Should Be a No-Go, According to Kathleen Kennedy

Recasting Original Star Wars Characters Should Be a No-Go, According to Kathleen Kennedy ...

The old stuff is shaped by nostalgia, and oftentimes it has decades of adoration backing it up. Thats why we live in nostalgia culture; as a franchise, the people in charge want to bet on a certain thing. There is also a second issue: there are no good methods to prevent the actors from developing those roles.

The movie 2018s Solo: A Star Wars Story, which was probably not the first to be released until the summer, but because the filmmaker switched to Alden Ehrenreich, who was in his mid-70s, was not a big success. However, Kennedy cautions that it''s so easy to do that.

The internet is putting Kennedy on hold for her take, but you know, the Star Wars characters are not the same as James Bond or, say, any number of other supporting characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because the original trilogy never really stopped being popular in 1999, and because only those three films for the first 22 years of the series, fans are really, really attached to them. In 2018, the expectation of Star Wars was greatly different, as did the kids, but because it was when I was younger in 2018.

Weirdly, though, is that the VF piece does not involve Kathleen Kennedys on the other way that Lucasfilm has used to keep classic characters in rotation: the Mandalorian, and an entire episode of The Book of Boba Fett. Before that, it was used to remake Peter Cushing back from the dead as Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. However, we don''t know if they believe that it is successful. I think you should speak for a significant part of Star

Look: It''s only creepy.

Because of this, Lucasfilm seems to be limited on both fronts. Invest in new characters.

The CG de-aging wizardry does not work for the same reason that recasting does not work. Both the characters divide and divide the characters that all live in our brains rent-free.

It''s a good thing to keep these movies as close to classics and beyond, such as If Harry Met Sally-era Harrison Ford, or a Lando Calrissian that looks more like Harvey Dent. That''s why the temptation to use those risky techniques. But here''s why I trust the Dark Side.

Tarkin was so appreciative that he would take more screen time, and so breathtaking as it was to see Luke in the command of his Jedi powers standing next to Ahsoka Tano! its not worth fleeing into the uncanny valley. The uncanny region should be Mustafar, a place that no one wants to visit.

The Disney+ show shows how Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and C-3PO any character who had the face on their faces, are all going to work. While Temuera Morrison is the only face fans have ever encountered with the Fetts, the book of Boba Fett has got to have all of the space cake and eat it, and it has already been implemented. Unless Disney+ wants to make me feel my nostalgia, they would launch a show with Dengar, IG-88, Bossk

Obi-Wan Kenobi is another example of a journey forward. Yes, the human characters from the original trilogy might be retired. But there are three large films worth of actors that are in the right hands to make a comeback in the Disney+s preferred original trilogy era. There are a lot of young millennials and Gen Z kids who fing love the prequels and are all feeling that sense of nostalgia.

I''m certain that anyone who might take or leave the prequels will be interested in a lot of actors. Natalie Portman and Liam Neeson look more or less the same, but both of their actors might use a modern refresh. I''d hate to see Ian McDiarmid again, but I''d say it, therefore I''d even like to see what Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni do with Jar Jar Binks (Ahmed Best deserves it).

So someone allowed Kathleen Kennedy and the rest of the Star Wars luminati to know this: the well of 1977 to 1983 is dry, at least as far as mask-less, human characters are concerned. However, the 1999 to 2005 is well, and it is on the back burner.

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