Sevco Security maintains ongoing asset IT inventory monitoring

Sevco Security maintains ongoing asset IT inventory monitoring ...

Sevco Security, a cloud-native asset management platform, has announced enhancements and new capabilities for its Asset Correlation Engine. They will allow users to keep track of changing asset inventories across several data silos in real-time. The additional capabilities will also enable security teams to automatically detect security hazards across siloed tools.

Sevco, which was founded in 2020 and based in Austin, Texas, has been backed by SYN Ventures, 406 Ventures, Accomplice, and Bill Wood Ventures. The company is a nonprofit group focused on enterprises that require an accurate IT inventory. Its goal is to provide asset intelligence and assist security and IT teams in identifying and closing security gaps.

The company claims that its Asset Correlation Engine simplifies the aggregation and reconciliation of IT assets across the whole business. This allows users to see how modifications to their constantly-changing asset inventory affect their security posture.

Security and IT inventory monitoring

IT asset inventories are constantly changing, and IT and security organizations are attempting to create a comprehensive, real-time awareness of their network assets. This is due to the increasing number of devices and software apps that are connected to a company''s network infrastructure.

Assets have a moral value and are likely to provide future benefits, according to forecasters. In the forecast period of 2021 to 2028, the inventory management solution market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 6.7 percent.

Organizations may be stuck in dangerous security situations when they lack adequate visibility into every asset they need to protect. According to J.J. Guy, the cofounder and CEO of Sevco Security, the comprehensive asset inventory is critical. Every security program is backed by comprehensive information.

Attackers devote more time to learning about the networks they are attacking. In most situations, attackers have a greater understanding of a company''s network operations and architecture than many of the IT and security teams. In reality, attackers inventories are often more precise.

Given the number of technologies used by modern organizations, Guy believes that finding a comprehensive asset perspective is extremely difficult.

Connecting those tools and information silos isn''t enough. Those tools must be combined with aggregation and reconciliation in order to get a comprehensive and accurate asset inventory, according to Guy. This topic has caused a slew of problems for IT and security organizations.

Accuracy, tracking, correlation

Organizations that utilize a configuration management database (CMDB) must establish and maintain their own reconciliation regulations. Each component of an organization''s infrastructure is required to identify and verify, but Sevco is committed to keeping all of the information contained in each source and constantly monitoring the relevance of the correlation. As a result, organizations get a better-than-expected picture of their IT asset inventory and how it changes over time.

Businesses that depend on their assets for revenue generation are critical of asset tagging techniques. Sevcos has expanded its ability to tag and group essential assets together, including: employee-owned (BYOD) equipment, office locations/regions.

The Sevco platform upgrade now has significant new features and capabilities, including the capability to obtain information from all customer data sources.

Sevco claims to ensure proper distribution of customer assets around the world. It also has the ability to make more powerful searches with nested queries. The companys has now fully supported, providing the possibility to group and nest queries.

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