When was Season 2 of Bling Empire premiered?

When was Season 2 of Bling Empire premiered? ...

In Bling Empireas Season 2, the lavish lifestyles of Los Angeles'' richest Asians varied, but their lives are dramatically different. After opting for having another baby in Season 1, Christine Chiu changed her mind about giving Baby G a sibling, and Kelly finally split up with her on-again, off-again Power Rangers boyfriend Andrew Gray (though his appearance at the end might imply otherwise).

Another major shakeup involving ChArie Chan and Jessey Lee drew the spotlight. After discovering that Jessey was previously married with two children, the cast members speculated that there was some overlap in the relationship while Jessey was still married. So, it was a surprise when ChArie and Jessey announced their departure from the show via TMZ in July, although they had already filmed some scenes by then, as reported by EW. ChArie and Jessey appear to have left right

Season 2 Was Filmed Starting May 2021

Season 2, which dropped on May 13, was decided for the first time in March 2021, just two months after the first season debuted. Season 1 was filmed in 2019, but COVID delays put the air date back two years. Season 2as production timeline was considerably shorter. Couture Fashion Week, which was during the first week of July 2021.

Christine informed Entertainment Tonight on May 13 that she had assumed that her show would have begun filming months earlier. aI think the timing of the departure announcement is unclear, but the timing of the announcement check out. Besides, Christine admitted that she was adamant about the crew''s departure, adding, ayep, I had a lot of time, and a lot of moments where I wish I had just walked away.aAnother thing said was that she was not referring to ChArie and

The ending of the season was smooth, but the cast continued to fall through different ups and downs. In June, the Chius purchased Dr. Gabriel a scooter (naturally) and in August, an emotional Christine sang to Kane Lim on the first anniversary of her mother''s death.

Kelly and Kane walked the runway on the first day of LA Fashion Week, although Kane got into a fight with Kevin a few years ago. Two days later, the designer they performed, House of Skye by Skye Yayoi Drynan, shared pictures on Instagram. The filming will take place until the fall of 2021.

There is no confirmation from the streaming platform whether the show will be renewed for Season 3. However, if the timing of the season is green, expect a similar timeframe, which may be even a quicker turnaround if there are no delays or cast departures.

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