Kyle Richards teases a complex and complex conflict with Kathy Hilton

Kyle Richards teases a complex and complex conflict with Kathy Hilton ...

Kyle Richards claims that her complex relationship with Kathy Hilton has become even more complicated by the fact that they are on TV.

The story is so complicated and complex. On Monday, the star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills said, "At the time of the week," he told Page Six.

I feel like my sisters and I, we have disagreements, we make up, were blood. I dont know if everyone is like that. The fact that movies were later complicates things.

In Season 11, Hilton became a member of RHOBH as a housewife.

Despite reality television being a sign of a war, Richards, 53, said she has always supported her younger sister, 63, who plays the show.

Wait, are you upset that they put Kathy on the show?'' says the reality star before clarifying, it was my ideal.

I went to [Bravo] and said, I think my sister would be great on the show. She''s so funny and she''s been in such a good place.

And then I went to Kathy and said, What do you think about being on the show? and she said, I dont know. So it was actually me that was pushing for it.

In Season 11, Richards and Hilton seemed to be on good terms, but the sisters remained stuck while filming for Season 12, which just last week.

On May 11, Richards claimed that she and Hilton had canceled speaking due to a rough season.

Cohen, the 53-year-old mother of four, said that the death of a mutual childhood friend brought the sisters back together.

Richards also told us that despite her experience of battling with Hilton and her other sister, Kim Richards, she was naive because she thought we would never repeat it.

In 2015, the actress-producer began developing a scripted series called American Woman, which she believed was probably inspired by their late mother, Kathleen Richards.

Hilton and Kim were opposed to the idea, and Kyles'' decision to take action with the show sparked a decades-long feud.

I really thought we would never have a conversation again, according to the RHOBH star. We did not talk for so long, and it was so bleak for us and our children, and I was like we would never have a problem again.

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