Selma Blair: I met Sienna Miller, Seth MacFarlane, and Kate Moss while chatting

Selma Blair: I met Sienna Miller, Seth MacFarlane, and Kate Moss while chatting ...

Selma Blair has a slew of chompers.

In her memoir Mean Baby: A Memoir of Growing Up, the actress, claims that she sank her teeth into several celebs, the first one being Sienna Miller.

Blair wrote that one night after her divorce from Ahmet Zappa in 2006, she was at Chateau Marmont when she saw Miller and she walked away.

I couldn''t begrudge her for any part she was winning over me, Blair writes. So, I grabbed her arm and bit it, playfully, as if it was an apple. I was aghast at myself, though I thought, what I''ve been into?

Amazingly, the American Sniper star handled the odd situation politely.

Opa! As I do whenever someone breaks a plate, Blair says, "You bit me, didnt you?" You say, but she didnt make me ashamed. For this, in my book, she will forever be the ball''s belle.

The Legally Blonde character sank her teeth in Seth MacFarlane.

Blair remembers becoming a close friend with Scarlett Johansson while working on the 2004 film In Good Company; she was honored when Johansson invited her to hang out with her and her pals in Las Vegas.

The first time the group went out for sushi, but Blair, who has battled alcoholism for years, confesses that she wasn''t good at social drinking. I did not realize how drunk one can get while sitting at a table and eating.

After a meal, they arrived at a club in which Blair saw her friend Seth Green, who introduced her to Family Guy''s creator Seth MacFarlane.

I was so sorry, she writes. What do I do in public situations where I admire someone, but feel like I don''t bring anything to the party? I bit him on the hand. Whoa! he yelled. It was really a relief. It wasn''t a disaster; I did not hurt myself. So I soon hated myself.

The Blairs'' choppy days were still out.

After a Marc Jacobs fashion show, she became friendly with supermodel Kate Moss. One night was hanging with her and other guests in a London hotel suite.

When Blair bites Moss finger, the two were having fun chucking about Polaroids.

Because she laughed, I did it again, she writes. The second time, she did not laugh and exclaimed, That really fking hurt! Blair grabbed the actress'' thumb and enlisted it.

Blair admitted that this was the first time I had no idea how much I might hurt people when I bit them. I quickly became a shamed nursery school kid. Oh my god, I whispered, I am so sorry.

Blair blames her gloomy public attitude on her shyness. My system becomes overwhelmed and instantaneously short-circuitsIn my life, social interactions have been tedious.

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