Lawyers in Heated Courtroom Exchange Argu There Are Secret Recordings, According to Amber Heard and Johnny Depps

Lawyers in Heated Courtroom Exchange Argu There Are Secret Recordings, According to Amber Heard and  ...

The heated courtroom confrontation between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is taking unexpected turns and turns. Both of them are making shocking claims against each other. Recently, Amber Heard and Johnny Depps lawyers argued over a secret recording.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depps'' lawyers were heist in court after the actress was accused of being the genuine aggressor in their notorious Australia battle. On Tuesday, Heard then confessed for the second day of cross-examination. Camille Vasquez, the actress''s lawyer, spent a significant amount of time trying to conceal the evidence. In March 2015, Vasquez focused on the alleged incidents.

Depp was attempting a three-day bender, which included removing a few medications, and smashing everything throughout the rental home. During his insanity, he cut off a portion of his finger and wrote a mask on the walls with a mixture of his blood and paint.

She revealed how she allegedly injected her with a vodka bottle while holding her by the neck on a kitchen counter. Depp previously revealed that Heard thrown the bottle at him, wounding his finger. He told the jury, she took the bottle, and it made contact and shattered everywhere. She argued that her ex-husbands beliefs should not be trusted.

According to Depp''s lawyer, she did not seek medical treatment or took pictures of her apparent injuries. After recording Heard and Depp, a recording can be heard discussing their relationship and what happened at the house. He stated that he tried to go tofive bathrooms to escape Heard, but she continued following him.

Vasquez attempted to imply that Heard was the one yelling with Depp and caused house disturbance. She demanded that Heard admits to banging on five different bathroom doors as Depp tried to flee. Despite Hisard, she was not an accurate historian. When Vasquez told the actress that it wasn''t her question and tried to refocus her, things grew heated.

The Aquaman star then sounded, and I remember it. I knocked on one door. She denied following Depp around the house and accused him of failing to take any medications. Vasquez then demanded that Heard acknowledge Depp injured a finger when she delivered a bottle of vodka to him. She replied no, claiming she was able to hear her story.

Heard said she never assaulted Depp in Australia or anywhere else. Vasquez pressed him, claiming Depp was fleeing her by rushing to the restroom, but Heard responded it was incorrect.

Depps lawyer was then questioned, but you weren''t scared of him at all, were you? Amber Heard then replied, and she was adamant. She said she was dissatisfied with him while also loving him.

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