Doctor Strange 2 has just scanned a deleted scene from the first film

Doctor Strange 2 has just scanned a deleted scene from the first film ...

While Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness provided one of the most extensive stories in MCU history with its characters and plotlines, it also provided one of the MCU''s most powerful stories to date, as Wanda Maximoff and Doctor Stephen Strange were discussed by several of his Variantsand learned more about himself than ever in his second solo film.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

These Variants of Strange sparked one wild turn after another as the story progressed, including Defender Strange giving America Chavez his life until after encountering Sinister Strange in a destroyed Sanctum. While these interactions slowed the story forward, Prime Strange opted to use the Darkhold to stop Wanda''s rampage, but some visitors soon learned about Strange''s story.

Yes, even in a film that spawns the first take on the Illuminati and the introduction of powerful heroes like America Chavez and Clea, some of the most profound scenes took a dive into Stephen Strange as a human being. In that light, one of the most difficult scenes took a breath out of the film''s final stages, as fans saw a follow-up to a moment initially meant to be in Cumberbatch''s first solo sortie.

Doctor Strange Reveals Family History

The prime Stephen Strange encounters his darker Variant, Sinister Strange, from a universe that was in the middle of its destruction because of an Incursion at the end of Doctor Strange. To show that he is the same person, 616-Strange declares to Sinister Strange that they had a sister, Donna, who died tragically when they were children.

Donna died when we were kids. We were playing on a frozen lake and... she fell through the ice. I couldnt help her.

Donna Strange was actually used in a deleted scene from Doctor Strange from 2016 that portrayed her death on camera in the same way Strange described in the sequel. This is a narrative that follows the comics, as the good doctor''s sister played a huge role in leading him to become a doctor in the first place.

Stephen first offered her a sprained ankle while skating, first promoting his interest in becoming a doctor at the age of six. Then, she died tragically after drowning in a lake while she and Stephen were swimming, thus leaving Stephen to be more adamant.

Scott Derrickson, the director of Doctor Strange, discussed how the deleted scene would have been included in the original film, describing it as a particularly fantastic scene that they had to leave on the editing room table.

Strange''s sister died in the movie... and that she was drowning. This had a real significant impact and probably was instrumental in him becoming a doctor. We made the scene. It was a fantastic scene. It just didn''t fit in the film, it just didn''t work.

Doctor Strange Becomes Comic Accurate

Doctor Strange was a gifted but underserved neurosurgeon who believed he could control anything he wanted as a result of his brilliance and abilities. At the start of his own solo film, he revealed how profound he was with his work, reaching the point of obsession, giving him the "overinflated ego" that the Ancient One told him.

This deleted scene, modeled exactly how his sister Donna in the comics inspired him to become a doctor, seemed to do the same for Doctor Strange''s MCU counterpart. This event gave Doctor Strange a unique purpose, aimed at ensuring that he could save life after being unable to save his sister, giving him a protective nature hidden under his outwardly condescending persona.

However, an eye on both sides of that persona raises an interesting question: Could his sister''s death be the reason he''s so protective against his younger MCU buddies?

Spider-Man, America Chavez, and More

Doctor Strange has become somewhat parental and protective against some of the MCU''s younger heroes, mostnotably Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home and America Chavez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in Phase 4.

Fans see Strange''s evolution from beginning to finish, starting with Defender Strange being willing to take America''s power to save the Multiverse from a complete catastrophe. By the end of the film, 616-Strange is possessing the corpse of another Variant to ensure America keeps her abilities and uses them to defeat Wanda herself, strengthening that she has the ability to do it all along.

Losing his sister might be the greatest thing keeping Strange''s heart in tact, shown as he took extensive measures to keep anything like what happened to Donna from happening to anyone else by becoming a doctor. This helped him even further advance towards becoming the most effective self-driving leader, particularly as he attempts to protect the next generation of erroneous individuals.

As the hero''s journey progresses, the scene depicting Donna Strange may not have been featured in the original film.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now playing in cinemas worldwide.

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