Cannabis News Week: The Department of Justice wants the Supreme Court to take this one out

Cannabis News Week: The Department of Justice wants the Supreme Court to take this one out ...

The US Supreme Court is considering a judgment on a series of cases out of Minnesota where workers are seeking compensation for medical cannabis from their employers after being injured on the job.

In both cases, the state Supreme Court of Minnesota ruled against the plaintiffs, claiming that their employers were not required to pay for their treatment.

The Supreme Court of the United States sought input from the top Justice Department lawyer after being asked to take up the case. This week, the Department of Justice responded.

According to Marijuana Moment, the courts'' petitions in these cases, which present a new topic in a rapidly evolving field of law, do not warrant this Courts inquiry.

The majority of the decisions below are fond on a more complex concept that unnecessarily explores the scope of federal aiding-and-abetting liability outside the context of a federal prosecution."

The Department of Justice has demanded that the states decide on this issue. The Supreme Court hasn''t responded to the DOJ''s recommendation yet.


Arizona Reports Record Cannabis Sales

In March, Arizona recorded its best month of recreational cannabis sales, even as medical marijuana sales decreased for the sixth month in a row.

According to Arizona''s Department of Revenue, the total March sales were $121.8 million. That figure is modestly down from the revised February sales estimates of $123.8 million.

Recreational sales in the state have risen steadily since March, when monthly sales were around $60 million.

Medical marijuana sales in March fell to $49.4 million, the first time the medical sales failed to reach at least $50 million since recreational sales began in January 2021.

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Medical sales soared in March last year, at over $73 million.

Despite the total cost of recreational cannabis sales, the total cost of commercial cannabis increased to $72.3 million in March, bringing a new high for cannabis, which nearly doubled the price of the medical in March, 2021.

According to the Arizona Mirror, Arizona''s cannabis tax revenues in March totaled more than the state''s tobacco and liquor taxes combined.

Taxes on tobacco increased by $1.7 million and liquor taxes increased by $3.7 million in the month. Cannabis taxes increased by $6.3 million.

Equity Provisions Holding Up SAFE Act

The Safe and Fair Enforcement Act (SAFE) is in the legislative process for a long time.

At least six times, the House of Representatives in the United States has passed a type of SAFE Act, but each time the legislation has gone into the Senate.

Last week, over 20 Senators signed a letter to Congressional leaders urging them to attach the SAFE Act to a large-scale manufacturing measure that will almost certainly pass the legislation.

Despite that, even the letter was missing the signature of liberal Senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren, both of Massachusetts, a state with legalized recreational cannabis sales.

Why are the two holding off their support? According to Worcester Magazine, the bill as it is currently designed does not address the lack of equity in the cannabis industry and does not address the impacts the "war on drugs" has on less wealthy communities.

If the SAFE Banking bill really did what its supporters claim, then it would be a huge breakthrough for the cannabis industry. Unfortunately, those claims aren''t facts. Shaleen Title, the former Cannabis Control Commissioner, and an outspoken critic of the SAFE Act have recently said.

The banking lobbyists would expect you to consider whether or not to provide assistance to the banking industry and aiming and dreaming of them to protect small businesses is not the approach you should consider.

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