The latest Apple Watch Band from Nomads is perfect for summer

The latest Apple Watch Band from Nomads is perfect for summer ...

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Make no mistake about it: I am a huge fan of the Apple Watch, which has rocked one since it first became available in 2015. As Apple continues to release new features, with more screen capabilities, and regular software updates, there''s also more there to keep users interested than ever before.

Dear reader, I''ve been working on a new sleek, slim band from Nomad Goods that is perfect for an ordinary day sitting at a desk or one filled with endless workouts.

The$59.99 Sport Band Slim from Nomad comes in two versions and fits every model of the watch. Choose from Glacier Blue, Sage, Bone, or Black for colors.

Nomad Sport Band Slim: What You Need to Know

The Nomad Sport Band Slim in Bone and Glacier Blue is depicted here.

Goods for Nomads

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Nomad prefers a rubber build here, making it flexible enough to hold up to elements and comfortable to wrap around your wrist. Specifically, it is a FKM fluoroelastomer rubber that is stiff when pressure is applied, but not as hard as a rock on your wrist. Simply, it has some give to it.

The Sport Slim Band is a breathable option, which prevents your wrist from getting too hot or soaked when working out. Also, remember that the Apple Watch is only water-resistant.

It''s a sleek band that doesn''t add much bulk. It sticks out the most right where the pin and tuck mechanism lives. The stainless steel pin is fantastic at high-end and easy to use. It also stays locked even with frequent arm and wrist rotations.

People looking for a vibrant pop will want to go elsewhere. Nomad''s opted for a muted selection here. Sage, which fits well with the apple Watch Series 7, but features a lightly cream-colored green. Black, Bone, and Glacier Blue are all pro favorites.

The $59.99 price for an Apple Watch Band is a middle-of-the-road purchase, although it also has to pay extra attention to accessories. Fortunately, the Sport Band Slim is a band that you can go into your Apple Watch and leave on for a long time. It works well for everyday activities, workouts, and even more formal events. There are no doubt about the durability here.

The Apple Watch''s Nomad''sSport Band Slim is now available for $59.95.

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