Your Weekly Horoscope Has Arrived, and the Gemini Season Has *FINally* Arrived

Your Weekly Horoscope Has Arrived, and the Gemini Season Has *FINally* Arrived ...

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If you''re feeling the post-eclipse hangover, then your weekly horoscope for May 16 to May 22 will assist you get through it. Though the blood moon in Scorpio reached its peak on Monday (or the very last ones of Sunday), its effects will be felt throughout the day and even the week as the collective digs deep into the bitter consequences of the lunation. What have we been unnecessarily holding onto? Were sure to spend the next few weeks developing our skins and other excess

This week will be a harbinger of fresh energy as Friday is us bidding adieu to sweetTaurusseason for that ofGemini. Jokesters stand up because it is your guys to shine! While the Taurus season saw us toiling, the sign of the Twins gives us full permission to let loose a little more!

However, the Taurean energy isn''t as great as the Mercurys (planet of communication) retrograde motion sends the planet back into the sign of the Bull on Sunday. So, beware of disappointment both on your own part and the others, as well as the expected communication difficulties that such a retrograde tends to bring forth.

This Week''s How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


Mars joins Neptune in Pisces and your dream zone on Tuesday. Now is the time to go after some big dreams. Aries, however, there will be some sacrifices to make.

After the sun enters Gemini on Friday, you will still have some great ideas. The sun will be shining in your communication zone, making you very busy in the next four weeks. Although you may not have much focus, you''ll still be very popular.

After Mercury retrograde enters Taurus on Sunday, you may be relocating back into your value zone. Avoid making impulse purchases. Depending on your paycheck, you may be subjected to financial difficulties.


Taurus''s personal transformation is a great week, because the sun in your sign trines Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday, expanding your life in every direction. Whenever you put in the effort, you may see all the possibilities for your future, so invest in yourself.

On Friday, the sun enters Gemini and your value zone. This is a great time to get focus on your self-esteem and what you can do to improve your life. Focus less on material status symbols and more on improving yourself for being a good person.

When Mercury retrograde enters your sign on Sunday, all of this might result in an identity scarcity. For the next few weeks, reflect on who you are and how you manifest in the world. Move away from old labels and discover your truest self at your core.


When the sun enters your sign on Friday, it''s time to try something new or use your wit to meet new people. Right now, Gemini, you may even reimagine your identity and image.

When the sun conjoines Mercury in your sign on Saturday, start collecting those new opportunities. Not even the retrograde will keep you downyour natural charms can assist you in any situation. This is a fantastic night to go on a first date or begin a new project.

You might be decompressing in an alone time when Mercury retrograde enters Taurus and your privacy zone on Sunday. Explore the retrograde season solo as you discover new ways to figure yourself out through journaling or art therapy.


As Mars joins Neptune in your expansion zone on Tuesday, it''s a good time to take your passions, and you may begin planning future trips, from a bucket list to expanding your academic horizons. Don''t be hesitant to hold yourself back, Cancer.

When the sun enters Gemini and your privacy zone on Friday, you might feel a little emotional and mentally exhausted. Social situations can detach your emotional batteries, so be calm at home and focus on relaxing yourself.

Especially when friendships are on the verge of becoming rocky as Mercury retrograde enters Taurus and your social zone on Sunday. Several weeks ago, some friendships might come to an end, especially those you believe aren''t heading in a healthy direction or may be too inflexible.


When the sun in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday, youre taking on new duties at work, so you will need to change your habits to increase your productivity, like eliminating all major distractions.

As the sun enters Gemini and your social zone on Friday, this is a good time to start some networking. Over the next few weeks, you may meet new friends who will assist you in establishing meaningful connections by coming up with creative ideas. Focus on your dreams, Leo.

If Mercury Retrograde enters Taurus and your career zone on Sunday, you should better utilize social connections. This may be a difficult time if you feel stuck at your current job. Reevaluate your career path and decide if you should proceed.


If you''re interested in traveling, be sure to inform everyone when Mercury in Gemini sends Jupiter to Aries on Thursday. This is an ideal day to go public with a new relationship or personal project. It can also help to establish successful relationships, both for business and pleasure.

When the sun enters Gemini on Friday, begin making some significant career decisions. It''s time to update your online profile, clean up your resume, and make an effort to become recognized in your career, according to Virgo.

This might be difficult because when Mercury retrograde enters Taurus and your expansion zone on Sunday, youll be dealing with an existential crisis. You have always respected yourself on your moral code, but you might be wrong about something important. Dont be afraid to get off your high horse in order to grow.


When it comes to important relationships, you can use your words, Libra. On Thursday, Mercury in Gemini extiles Jupiter in Aries, urging you to talk things out with your partner. Whether youe improving your relationship, asking someone on a date, or negotiating a contract, you''ll need to fill all of your cards on the table to get what you want.

Then expand your horizons when the sun enters Gemini and your expansion zone on Friday. Right now, you have a passion for knowledge and increased curiosity about everything and anything. You can still learn new things by meeting new people.

Your finances might take a serious hit over the next few weeks when Mercury retrograde enters Taurus on Sunday. Unexpected bills might incur some serious debt. Don''t take out a loan or buy anything you dont need. You''ll want to pay every penny.


When the sun in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn on Thursday, you will need to create a strong partnership that can increase your chances of being heard. Make an active part of a larger group if you want to make the most of your work.

If the sun enters Gemini and your transformation zone on Friday, there are certain minor changes that may be incorporated into your life. The following few weeks may see some significant changes that impact every area of your life without warning. Don''t be afraid, Scorpio. Find out what you can learn from them.

When Mercury Retrograde intrigues Taurus and your partnership zone on Sunday, these changes might adversely affect your relationships. Conflict may start quickly, and it might be very difficult to get along with others, especially if anger clouds your better judgment.


As Mercury in Gemini extiles Jupiter in Aries, it''s a great day to ask someone out or make it official with someone special. It''s possible to make a move now that you have a positive relationship, according to Sagittarius. Let your love story begin today.

A lot of time is will be spent together in the next four weeks, when the sun enters Gemini and your partnership zone on Friday. Its simple to fall in love and enter relationships with very special people. Enjoy your time together and enjoy.

When Mercury retrograde enters Taurus and your routine zone on Sunday, you''ll end the week by confronting your bad habits. This could be devastating, causing some major distress, and even some minor backsliding into your worst habits. Use the flow to keep your life in order.


When the sun in Taurus trines Pluto in your sign on Thursday, you''ll be able to express your feelings by utilizing creativity. Capricorn, channeling your energy into an artistic medium will aid you in achieving maximum power.

When the sun enters Gemini and your routine zone on Friday, start practicing yourself to improve habits. This is a great time to experiment new habits, become more productive, and get friends at work. However, it might be difficult to stay disciplined with so many limitations.

Mercury retrograde enters Taurus and your creative zone on Sunday. It may be difficult to enjoy or create anything. You may stick to the same shows or listen to same music for comfort.


Despite the retrograde, youre ready to have some fun and express yourself as the sun enters Gemini and shines its light in your creative zone on Friday. Over the next four weeks, youll be interested in a variety of media and genres, although you may not stick to anything. Nevertheless, youll have a lot of fun expressing yourself.

As you try something new, continue to express yourself and your talents on Saturday, bringing you happiness. This is the ideal day to go to a concert or museum or to try a new artistic medium. Do everything you want to, Aquarius.

If Mercury retrograde enters Taurus and your house zone on Sunday, you will need a healthy outlet. Then, you may be dealing with family drama for the next couple weeks. Miscommunication within your family may cause issues that affect your emotional security.


As Mars joins Neptune in your sign, Tuesday is an ideal time to manifest. This aspect gives you a boost of desire to help you enjoy new beginnings and realize your dreams. Envision the life you desire for yourself, Pisces, and do everything you can to make it a reality.

If you need help, contact your family, since you''ll be seeing a lot of them in the next four weeks once the sun enters Gemini and your home zone on Friday. This is the perfect time to reconnect with family members and stay close to home.

It isn''t a great time for important speaking events or conversations, because youll be tripping over your words when Mercury retrograde enters Taurus and your communication zone on Sunday. Instead of pretending that youre right, be the bigger person.

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