Doja Cat and Megan Fox Go Space Age at the Billboard Music Awards in 2022

Doja Cat and Megan Fox Go Space Age at the Billboard Music Awards in 2022 ...

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I''ll let you tell you that if Doja Cat, Kylie Jenner, and Megan Fox are planning a girls trip to outer space, then im going with them. Most certainly, the three stars wore the same outfit as their Billboard Music Awards look, but it certainly does now. Between Doja Cats Saturn bag and Kylie Jenner''s alien outline dress, the red carpet quickly became planet Hollywood.

The 2022 Billboard Music Awards took place in Las Vegas and the participants all seemed to follow an unofficial outer space theme (and I''d say they were more on topic than this year''s Met Gala participants) Red carpet fashion choices are usually paired with old-fashioned silver gowns and red satin, but stars opted for untraditional silhouettes, heavy metal accessories and dramatic eye makeup.

While all of this world''s space looks were absent, Doja Cats'' outfit was in an entirely different position. The Planet Her singer wore Schiaparelli''s hats, revealing a tulle wrap and gold pasties.

Surprisingly, the dramatic length of her dress wasn''t even the most enjoyable part of the look. Doja Cat completed the galactic ensemble with a gold Saturn bag, which splintered on a chain from her rings. Last night, Doja Cat received four awards, including the highest R&B artist and album.

In a simple long-sleeve Balmain gown, Kylie Jenner opted for a more subtle approach to the unofficial galaxy theme. However, after a closer look, youll notice that the dress has the outline of a curvy naked figure. With the silver shading, the body silhouette is extraterrestrial.

Kylie Jenner, who is similar to Doja Cat, wears huge metal bracelets and matching gold shoes at the awards event (no, Jenner wasn''t nominated for her rendition of Rise and Shine).

Megan Fox revealed that if she ever takes a vacation to space, Machine Gun Kelly will be there with her. The couple wore yet another iconic couples look on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet, coordinated every detail. Megan Fox wore a strapless David Koma gown with a dramatic thigh slit and complimented the dress with evening gloves that included crystal flowers on the shoulders.

During his performance of Twin Flame during the award, Machine Gun Kelly played the guitar with this manicure, which has sparked both wedding and pregnancy rumors. It may not take long until the elegant red carpet trio has formed a trio.

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