Freddie Gibbs allegedly was assaulted and robbed during a tour stop at InBuffalo

Freddie Gibbs allegedly was assaulted and robbed during a tour stop at InBuffalo ...

This weekend, bad blood between Freddie Gibbs and Benny The Butcher grew, as Gibbs and a group of men suspected to be members of the Benny family were apparently involved in a physical altercation, which spawned rumors that Gibbs had been assaulted and robbed of his clothing.

Gibbs, who was on his Space Rabbit tour in Bennys, New York, is alleged to have met members of the Bennys crew on Saturday (May 14), with witnesses claiming that Gary, an Ind. native was accosted and was forced to run away to escape the attack. Onlookers also claim that his security did not assist the victims during the confrontation. Benny The Butcher was also not involved in the incident.

The Big Boss Rabbit rapper made it to his performance at the Town Ballroom later that evening, although wearing a mask and showing noticeable swelling in his face in various photographs and video clips captured during the night. However, fans later pointed out that as per usual Gibbs wasnt wearing his signature iced-out rabbit chain, which was linked to speculation that the rapper had been robbed. However, the 39-year-old later posted a photo of his rabbit chain before posting the post, all but confirming that an

When Benny The Butcher said the former collaborators working relationship had come and went during an interview on Spotify Greenroom, the tension erupted in March. It came and went, to be honest with you, Benny said, before adding, it''s all love.

Gibbs submitted a comment to social media and asked that Benny not mention his name or reference him in interviews. N***a said working with Freddie Gibbs came and went, Freddie said in the clip. I know a lot more sh*t that came and went, too, Freddie said. Just say, Next motherfu*kin question. For real.

Benny gave his own advice on beef during a conversation on social media. True, it was nothing I didn''t get into rap relationships with the Tana Talk 4 rapper at the time. He said, but I would never say why he did that sh*t. He continued, adding, I don''t care to ponder it because this sh*t will get crazy if you begin letting your feelings in this sh*t.

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