The Kevin Samuels Family has refused to pay for FakeGoFundMe

The Kevin Samuels Family has refused to pay for FakeGoFundMe ...

After Kevin Samuels'' unexpected death, a GoFundMe sought expenses to cover the funeral days later, owing to the disgruntled individuals who became known to promote financial independence. This prompted a slew of outrage, claiming that his family was hypocrites. However, it was quickly revealed that the donation page was created by someone who was acting as a member of the family.

The TMZ informed on Monday (May 16) that a source with direct knowledge reached out to the Kevins family to verify the account. Upon learning that the family didn''t create the GoFundMe, the fundraiser was taken down from the platform. Melanie King was the individual who supported the effort, but the goal was not reached before it was removed.

The family was denied the ability to accept the few payments that were accumulated valued at a few hundred dollars, thus the money was returned to its donors.

Safety is our top priority for Complex and its spokesperson, which is that the donor intentions are honored and money is returned to the appropriate place. In this case, a representative of the family has stated that they do not desire to receive funds from fundraisers. As such, our Trust & Safety team is proactive in monitoring the platform for fundraisers created on the family behalf, and will remove fundraisers started without family consent.

Samuels passed away earlier this month at the age of 57, and has recently made a posthumous appearance in the FX series Atlanta.

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