Disney+ has a vision to target adult people (not just families)

Disney+ has a vision to target adult people (not just families) ...

In 1983, Disney launched its own cable channel, which was immediately hit with the families who were allowed to use it.

The Disney Channel, later renamed just Disney Channel, was a godsend for parents, who discover that plopping them down to watch animated films like Snow White or Disney channel originals like Mother Goose Rock ''n'' Rhyme was a way to gain a momentary sense of peace.

As the Disney Channel evolved and expanded, it maintained its original mission. From cartoons like Kim Possible to live-action movies like the High School Musical series, there''s always something for the kids to watch, so parents may have a good time.

When Disney first launched its streaming service Disney+ in 2019, it became both the ultimate babysitter as well as a major component of the family movie night. (It''s always a good idea to rewatch one of the Toy Story films, after all.)

Though families loved the vast scope of the catalog, when Disney+ was launched, one of its primary selling points was The Mandalorian, a large-budget live action television program that was set in the world of Star Wars, which was just a little too violent for young children.

The PG-13 space, which included live action series WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which was later launched by Disney, and some of the world''s most anticipated movies. Both of those series, as well as the Marvel TV shows that were available to stream, were spread across the screen, indicating that Disney wasn''t only targeting children anymore.

Disney+ Isnt Just For Kids

On its recent earnings call for the second quarter, CEO Bob Chapek said that Disney+ now has as much popularity as its streaming service with kids. The service increased 9.2 million subscribers in the second quarter, totaling 205 million subscribers. And a large part of those new subscribers were not part of the Disney population that traditionally targeted.

According to Chapek, the program is especially popular with children, but as a precaution, almost half of Disney+ subscribers are adults without kids.

Chapek intends to expand its client base.

According to Alex Jones, "We are selectively expanding Disney+ with general entertainment titles designed to increase participation among specific audiences and increase engagement among those groups."

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Both more Marvel and Disney shows are on the way, with Marvel expected to premiere She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel this summer, as is the Star Wars event miniseries Obi-Wan Kenobi. (Several more Disney and Star Wars shows are in the pipeline.)

While Disney is planning to continue to focus on two of its most powerful assets, Chapek has admitted that it intends to continue to reach adults by investing more in international content.

In addition to targeting specific demos, we are equally excited about our growth potential in international markets. Over 500 local original titles are currently in various stages of development and production, according to the author.

180 of these titles will be slated to premiere this fiscal year, with the total amount of over 300 international originals per year being maintained. We believe these premium local originals, along with brand content with a wide international appeal, will attract new subscribers and drive engagement.

While Disney+ will continue to expand its appeal, it has no intention to leave families behind as it recently acquired the long-running competition series Dancing with the Stars, which Chapek calls a fantastic example of content.

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Disney Remains Responsible For Streaming Of Advertisers

While Disney+ is committed to providing more people, Chapek is also considering launching a public-supported tier for Disney+ later this year. This will both make the streaming service more attractive to budget conscious households, and help Disney generate sufficient revenue to offset the rising production costs that the service has been dealing with.

I believe this will enable us to reach an even greater audience as we expand Disney+ across several pricing options, according to the president on the call. And using some of our other services, we can see the added benefit of an ad-driven program that allows us to keep the price lower. Of course, that''s made up for by the additional revenue that we would receive per user on advertising expenditure.

Chapek said that the company is planning to acquire 230 million subscribers by 2024, which will help the company improve its profitability.

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