A Ghost Rider Fight Scene Is Disappeared for Doctor Strange 2

A Ghost Rider Fight Scene Is Disappeared for Doctor Strange 2 ...

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has arrived, and many fans have already dive into the deep end of existence with Benedict Cumberbatch''s titular sorcerer. Scarlet Witch''s journey was savaged down America Chavez in order to gain America''s''spowersomething that would have killed the newcomer, which Wanda admittedly didn''t care about.

In Strange and Chavez''s quest to escape, they ended up locked away in planet-838 in a camp managed by the mysterious Illuminati. The group was made up of fan-favorite characters, including Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Captain Carter, and Professor Charles Xavier.

Despite all of these new guest stars being killed off, every single one of them, apart from Mordo from the Earth, was killed by Elizabeth Olsen''s powerful witch.

As with all characters, Ghost Rider was formerly part of the exclusive secret group. Sadly, however, it appears his role was dismissed even though it was reportedly shot.

A Cut Ghost Rider Fight

On the most recent episode ofThe Weekly Planetpodcast, insider James Clement revealed an interesting tidbit about the recently releasedDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Ghost Rider was once expected to be in it.

Non seulement was Ghost Rider going to be "a member of the Illuminati," but his cut scenes were actually "filmed," even if they ended up missing thetheatrical versions of the film:

"So somebody sent me a list of five characters that would be cut in this film," said one person, "I said [to my source], "were any of these films?" And this person said, "Filmed but ultimately cut from the theatrical version... Ghost Rider, [who was a] very interesting member of the Illuminati... he was likely to fight Wanda and died."

No Ghost Rider for Wanda

There''s no doubt how many people loved who they got to see in the Illuminati even if they were all swiftly slaughtered by the Scarlet Witch. That said, many individuals might be feeling a little confused right now. How cool would it have been to see Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally?

The last time the character was seen, was inAgents of SHIELD, with Robbie Reyes'' character''s character. Sadly, the canonicity of that show is still up for discussion, so whether that character will ever show their face again remains unknown.

The same source recently claimed that Michael Fassbender''s Magneto was among the cut cameos in the film. It''s truly a shame to hear how he might have been a part of an MCU tale even if only briefly.

With the scope of the Marvel CInematic universe being expanding, it''s only a matter of time before fans see the true MCU counterparts of Ghost Rider and Magento, alongside the Illuminati themselves, on Earth-616.

Doctor Strange in the Madnessis Multiverse is now playing in cinemas everywhere.

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