In Brooklyn SubwayShooting, R. Kelly applauds a suspect

In Brooklyn SubwayShooting, R. Kelly applauds a suspect ...

Frank James, the 62-year-old man in jail for the April 12 subway shooting in Brooklyn, appears to have made a new friend in jailR. Kelly.

According to theDaily News, the behind-the-scenes conspiracy began at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park. After being found guilty in his federal sex trafficking and racketeering case, James is awaiting trial for the mass shooting in which ten people were injured.

Both parties sit together and eat together, according to reports from inside the jailhouse. They talk about television shows. They go out to reccomend. They are buds. Both men are considered to be high-risk inmates, but Kelly remains in an isolated prison while James has a bunkmate.

According to speculation, Kelly holds his own mini-concerts while on trial. At one point, he entertained other inmates with an a cappella performance of I Believe I Can Fly, and often performs as if he was on tour.

Jennifer Bonjean, a 55-year-old vocalist, talked about the singers'' newfound friendship with James. Mr. Kelly is not in control of who he is housed with. A friend is someone you voluntarily hang out with. Previously, Kelly befriended Brendan Hunt of Queens, New York, who was found guilty last year after threatened to murder members of Congress. Hunt wrote their friendship in a comic strip.

James allegedly set off a smoke canister and fired three dozen shots on the crowded Manhattan train before going to the 36th Street station. Both charges are up to life in prison and he is scheduled to return to court on July 25. The motive for the attack remains unknown.

Kelly will be sentenced on June 15 and is facing a mandatory minimum of ten years to life in jail.

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