Julia Fox goes grocery shopping wearing designer underwear and denim boots

Julia Fox goes grocery shopping wearing designer underwear and denim boots ...

Maybe it was a weekend vacation.

Julia Fox went to Hollywood Sunday for a head-turning outfit: a black cotton bra and underwear, paired with a denim blazer, knee-high boots ($950) and a slouchy purse ($835), all from Alexander Wang''s favorite designer.

Wang''s upcoming Bodywear collection, which will not be accessible to any novice until July 13, includes a bralette and briefs.

When an Instagram meme account poked fun at her stripped-down style, she reluctantly defends her outfit.

I think that if the beach is socially acceptable, it should be the same everywhere lol, according to her postings on her Stories Monday.

The Uncut Gems muse, 32, has not worn these denim accessories for the first time; she previously wore her joots and jurse as part of an all-jean outfit she had DIYed at home, using scissors to a pair of high-waisted blues to transform them into a bandeau top and low-rise pants.

It makes for a really cool set and is easy and since latex is kinda played out, Denim, youre all I have left is she has posted her Instagram post.

Ever since her wacky one-month relationship with Kanye West reintroduced her from indie-film savvy to household name, Fox has continued to make headlines with her wild style.

Earlier this month, she arrived in 9-inch platform heels alongside a Titty Smasher bikini top from Seks, the famous New York label.

During the 2022 Vanity Fair event, Fox slashed one mans Hanes into an underboob-baring crop top-and-miniskirt combo.

We cannot wait to see her next fashion project.

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