Exclusive: Fantastic Four Movie Regarding Gender Swap

Exclusive: Fantastic Four Movie Regarding Gender Swap ...

With the addition of the Hulk, Spider-Man, Crystal, and Medusa to the Fantastic Four lineup, the filmmakers are hopeful that it will be successful. In the end, though, there is no doubt that the villain is a villain. When it comes to gender swapping, the filmmakers are more likely to be involved in the movie. According to a trusted author, although some people would not be aware of this fact. The filmmakers are assuming that the film will be able to select one of the four characters

The fourth live-action Fantastic Four film is coming to an end. With no surprises on the road, there are still a clear release date to be announced, but the Powers That Be at Marvel Studios has never been able to make a significant difference. According to a trusted and credible source, the Marvel Cinematic Universes architects are serious about taking one of the Fantastic Four members and swapping their gender.

Which character are they considering gender-swapping? Apparently, Marvel hasnt been on a specific hero yet, but is overall considering the goal of evening up the numbers, making the team a more diverse group of men and women. Occasionally other female heroes like She-Hulk, Crystal, and Medusa have enjoyed roles in the Fantastic Four series, although their gender ratios are insignificant.

The safe money is that Marvel will choose the Human Torch played by Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan in previous films, making him the most riskiest person in the series. Second, assuming Marvel will make Reed and Sue an item as they are in the comics gender-swapping Reed would be the most politically volatile choice. Third and finally, in the comics Johnny Storm is often portrayed as a ladies man, which in light of the current social climate Marvel might be planning to jettison.

A Fantastic Four member who is essentially a gender-stricken version of the Thing is given access to, on the other hand, unlike the Human Torch. Sharon Ventura was eventually transformed into She-Thing, while continuing for a time as a member of the FF. However, having an MCU without a Ben Grimm would feel like a slander.

If Marvel Studios chooses to make Fantastic Four without gender swapping one of its heroes, there''s always another option. As previously said, superheroes outside the original quartet have occasionally filtered into and out of the team. One brief, bizarre, but wildly popular version of the team was made up of Hulk, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and Wolverine. However, few have had She-Hulk''s staying power in the previous Fantastic Four #265, while the latter was taking a little extra force

Whatever Marvel wants to do, well hopefully know sooner rather than later. The next reboot is that Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts was stepping down because he needed some time off from the superhero genre. Perhaps at the same time, a new director may be hired, and you can see where the studio falls on the Fantastic Four gender swap question.

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