Season 4 of The Circle: Every Single Alliance Is Doomed

Season 4 of The Circle: Every Single Alliance Is Doomed ...

Season 1 of The Circle: "They gotta form alliances." That wasnt the case with Season 1, back before players had ever watched the show. However, as Season 2 came to an end, the gameplay became much more intense. Next, there''s Season 4.

This season, for me, has been incredibly fun and every player already feels like one of my #CircleBesties. However, these years, when it comes to alliances, has been a total #CircleChaos.

The way an alliance is supposed to work, whereby a group of players is ideal three to rank each other first and second, ensuring that one or two members will become influencers. Look at how #TheCardashians Courtney, Chloe, and Lee/River fought in Season 2 - every time, Lee was the Super Secret Influencer, Courtney got to be an influencer, all made it to the finale, etc. They didnt win, but they made it all the way. In

We aren''t at Season 4 yet, but oh man, there is no alliance that is even on the verge of dominating this game.

Those two categories from Episode 1 were to be expected: a guys alliance (#TheThreeMusketeers between Frank, Bru, and Parker, respectively) and a girls alliance (Momma Bear and the Girls between John, Crissa, Yu Ling, and Alyssa). However, those friendships did not last long because Frank and Bru immediately knew when he, a 56-year-old man, didnt know what his memoir was. In the first blocking, Frank gave

In Episode 2, players became more familiar with each other, while Bru, Yu Ling, and Alyssa formed #TheHappyThrouple. Thats correct, as three of the five spells for alliances were numbered. No alliance has been more doomed than #ThreeIsTheMagicNumber, which was later dubbed "the jump."

In episode 3, Frank joined his third alliance, resulting in the arrival of Alex/Nathan. This newbie Alex, the player most likely to be #strategicAF, wisely sussed out Frank and Bru as popular players and quickly detonated them (#ThreeAmigos). However, this alliance, based on Frank''s initial reaction to the time of the Cyber Attack in Episode 8, ruined a potentially stable one. And #ThreeAmigos was long #Dea

But what about Momma Bear and the Girls, the other OG alliance? In Episode 3, Alyssa discovered that her Carols cake decorating abilities lacked the savior of a 56-year-old Italian mother.

When she began to doubt Carol in Episode 4, Crissa decipherated another nail in this alliances coffin.

Carol did not need them anyway! Instead of three #CircleDaughters, Carol just needed one #BabyBearBru. Bru and Carol have been a duo since Episode 4, but unlike Alyssa, Brus is not attempting to out Carol as a catfish, though Bru knows the fact. This makes them the strongest alliance on the show, but it is an alliance of two.

Crissa became the second player to be blocked in Episode 7, but although Crissa was well-liked and highly-rated, her first relationship with Momma Bear Carol and the gals was palpable, and then Yu Lings tied himself to a handful of Spice Girls who each had a platform heel out the door. That''s how a frontrunner is blocked.

Crissa wasnt going to leave without retaliating an alliance! What you thought was #TheHappyThrouple right? Yu Lings got chastised by the exit interview.

Episode 2 of RIP #TheHappyThrouple

The Crissas blocking acted as a catalyst for the creation of another alliance: the #InnerTrustCircle. Immediately after receiving Crissa''s tea, Yu Ling and Frank solidified their alliance, restraining Rachel who had been separated and separated from each other almost once, claiming that Alex/Nathan would never use it. Then again, the most stressful moment of Alexs'' entire game came because Bru tried to see if he was a catfish.

In some 1:1 chats, at least Alex figured things up with Rachel.

In Episode 8, there''s nothing you should do to avoid the Cyber Attack. It''s a challenge designed to stifle, test, and break as many alliances as possible. In front of everyone in the main chat, each player has to pick one other person to save from elimination. Late-game additions Trevor/Imani and Eversen have it easy. They quickly agreed to save Frank, posing a disturbing chain reaction.

Yu Ling, obviously, is saved by Frank. He''s who he founded the #InnerTrustCircle.

Yu Ling has a horrible choice: save Alyssa, whom she still friends with even if #TheHappyThrouple is done; or she consolidates the #InnerTrustCircle by saving Rachel, who is a newer player with less alliances. She saves Rachel.

Rachel has only two players she''s aligned with, and they''re both already safe. Nathan made the correct call by finally getting close to Rachel.

Nathan/Alex has to choose between Carol, Alyssa, and Bru. It''s a no-brainer considering that he had stayed with Bru since he moved in (#ThreeAmigos was worth something).

Now Bru has the difficult choice: save Alyssa, who he has been tight with since Episode 2, or save Carol, the other half of literally the only stable alliance in this whole game. No matter who he chooses, Bru will not have an alliance of five. If Bru blocks Alyssa, then he has an even stronger alliance with Carol, who uh, has zero alliances or even friendships of her own. Whats gonna happen? If the previous alliances have taught us

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