After Drake followed her on social media, Nikkita Lyons was chastised

After Drake followed her on social media, Nikkita Lyons was chastised ...

Drake is a professional rapper who has achieved something that only few can dream of. He is also known to get work done on social media. It comes as no surprise how many individuals he has inspired with his own music. Both the looks of it and the appearance of Drizzys.

Nikkita Lyons has stepped down as one of the top contenders in the NXT 2.0 womens division. She has taught many people how well she can already wrestle. This includes even Drake, who has written his songs powerfully.

While discussing onOut of Character with Ryan Satin, Nikkita Lyons talked about Drake following her on social media. Lyons admitted she was completely shocked when she discovered that out.

I was like, Hey, Drake is following you. I was like, What?, because I wasnt until my friend told me. I''ve been following him as an artist for the longest time. Every song that he touches is a banger. So my goal as a female artist is to also do that. It felt like being a step closer to that being possible.

While attending high school, Nikkita Lyons had a poster of Ronda Rousey on her wall. It''s unknown if Drake slid into Lyons'' senior officials, but that''s where he gets all of his real work done online.

Lyons continues to bolster her skill and is continuously improving. We wonder if she will meet Drake one day or not, but it''s good to know that she has the Certified Lover Boys approval.


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