Tesla Might Have The Location Of Its Next Factory

Tesla Might Have The Location Of Its Next Factory ...

Get Tesla Inc Reportis the world''s leading electric vehicle manufacturer.

And the Austin, Texas-based company is eager to maintain its title, which is coveted by Volkswagen (VWAGY) - Get Volkswagen AG Report, Ford (F) - Get General Motors Company Report, Mercedes-Benz (DDAIF), BMW (BMW.DE) and the rest of the automotive industry.

Tesla is focusing on other areas as the roadmap for the next Tesla models is also known: The very futuristic Cybertruck, a new Roadster, and the Tesla Semi, which will be launched in 2023. Tesla is also developing its robotaxi system, which will be based on a new and futuristic vehicle from 2024.

Elon Musk''s group wants to increase its production and delivery, but Tesla is also aiming to secure its raw materials supplies during a time when supply chains are disrupted.

The vehicle manufacturer, for example, recently opened its first European facility near Berlin to serve the Old Continent. Tesla has also been driving cars in Austin since April, the second United States factory after Fremont in California. In total, the group has four vehicle production facilities in Austin, Fremont, Berlin, and Shanghai, which would be possible for at least 1.5 million vehicles in 2022.

Talks with Indonesia

The company, which intends to produce around 20 million automobiles per year in the coming years, promised to establish new manufacturing facilities on the first-quarter earnings conference call. Musk promised on the day''s announcement that he will announce the location of the next manufacturing sites by the end of 2022.

One of these sites might be in Indonesia. Indeed, Indonesian president Joko Widodo has just visited Musk in Texas.

On May 14, the two men visited SpaceX, Musk, the company that manufactures rockets in Boca Chica, Indonesia, where the two men worked. During a visit, the Indonesian president invited the serial entrepreneur to visit the Southeast Asian country, which is rich in natural resources.

According to Widodo''s office, Musk said in November, "we''ll thank you for the invitation."

Widodo says he met with the world''s richest man in technology and innovation in a tweet.

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"It was an honor to meet at Starbase and discuss exciting future projects," Musk said on May 16 without elaborating further on the plans.

Announcements in November?

It''s interesting to note that an Indonesian delegation has made the second journey to Austin in less than a month. This suggests that discussions between Musk and Indonesia are afoot.

According to reports, Tesla and Indonesia are in negotiations since at least 2020 over whether the EV manufacturer may invest in nickel in the country and in constructing a full battery factory.

Indonesia is a major nickel producer, and the government is collaborating to expand mining and refining. The country has imposed a prohibition on the export of nickel in an effort to impose companies to settle there in order to expand manufacturing facilities. A $9.8 billion agreement has been signed with LG to develop lithium batteries for electric automobiles. Lithium batteries require nickel.

Those intentions do harm to the environment, according to activist and activist.

Nickel mining and smelting industries are at large for the lack of fish in traditional fishing grounds, according to fishermen in the Obi Islands.

Because of the high levels of heavy-metal contamination, the pollution has transformed coastal waters into a "mud puddle."

Tesla might further secure its supply of this important metal thanks to an investment agreement in Indonesian nickel. They are used to make stainless steel and the batteries, which are the most vital components of an automobile, because they determine the vehicle''s range and play a vital role in its performance and security.

Indonesia is also considering opening a new SpaceX site - which aims to enlist humans. According to the BBC, one of its islands in West Papua is considered a space X project.

If there were agreements between Indonesia and Tesla and SpaceX, they might be signed in November, because the country will conduct a B20 summit with industry leaders in mid-November.

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