MeetinVR has released a 2.0 release for virtual collaboration software

MeetinVR has released a 2.0 release for virtual collaboration software ...

MeetinVR has announced today that it will develop the next generation of its metaverse collaboration solution for businesses and education.

The new 2.0 version is now available on the Meta Quest Store. Since 2016 the company has been developing a virtual reality platform for meetings, workshops, training, and education. By the end of the year, MeetinVR was featured as one of the company''s top VR apps of 2021.

MeetinVR offers a fresh level of experience with the addition of new tools, environments, and visual improvements for the VR interface as well as for the complimentary web platform. The Rooftop and The Workshop are currently being renovated in full.

According to Cristian-Emanuel Anton, the founder of MeetinVR, we are seeing more and more businesses enjoying outstanding results by collaborating in the metaverse. Many of these companies are seeking to expand their use of our platform, and thus we are releasing our biggest upgrade yet. The new version of MeetinVR has to be intuitive, elegant, and enjoyable. I am pleased to welcome companies to the highest end of collaboration in the metaverse.

One of our top use-cases in the past year is workshops. We are therefore releasing a new area to target this specific use case: The Workshop. It is a collaborative environment that allows people to engage in active learning. Through our facilitator capabilities, custom canvas setup, timers, breakout zones, and the best whiteboarding experience on the market, we now provide everything you need to move workshops from in-person to Metaverse.

Some MeetinVR users, such as Teleperformance, the most trusted provider of omnichannel customer experience, have provided digital integrated business services and Takeda, Japans largest pharmaceutical company, have quickly reached the new rooms and have expressed their impressions.

The new platform for MeetinVR is mind-blowing. According to Pedro Goncalves, the company''s head of business, the concept of a new workshop room is incredibly adapted for small working groups isolated by in-place sound bubbles. It increases the conviviality, collaboration, and productivity of such professional activities. Congratulations on this new step, and allows MeetinVR.

The fundamental of MeetinVR is the virtual/mix-real reality experience, but the solution works very well with a PC or Mac. Through a productivity-enhancing app, companies may create meetings, workshops, and workshops, as well as monthly paid subscription options. The company also provides free rooms as a service to customers who want their rooms to meet their specific needs, their brand, or similar to their real-life offices.

We are very happy about the new release, particularly about the new restrooms, according to Yohei Sawano, the company''s product manager. The Workshop room is equipped with everything needed to hold a workshop smoothly. The Rooftop is a beautifully designed three-story room that allows participants to experience the view of the rooftop of a skyscraper. The atmosphere in this room makes them feel comfortable in conversation.

MeetinVR can be downloaded from the Meta Quest and Pico stores for standalone versions or their official website at for the desktop version''s tethered VR.

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