Solid Tumors Use T Cells as a Shield Against Immune Attack

Solid Tumors Use T Cells as a Shield Against Immune Attack ...

An unexpected trick in the cancers playbook might trick one important part of our immune systems into stoking down our natural defenses against solid tumors.

Scientists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center believe this newfound vulnerability involves a misuse of a type of T cell, which is essential to a functioning immune system. Prlic, Mair, and Erickson, have identified a subset of T cells that are generally known in head and neck tumors, but they have now found that new treatments are effective in treating patients. This suggests that future therapies that are designed to help patients succeed, particularly if they are concerned about maintaining vital immunity.

The Hutch team developed new techniques to analyze cells in inflamed tissues and applied complex computer analyses to their studies. Prlic said that these cells were particularly capable of reducing inflammation, reducing the amount of inflammation and protecting the tumor from harmful effects. Unlike other types of T cells, they are also capable of doing complex training exercises. Unlike other therapies, the Hutch team described this technique as a "cry," and "crystal.

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