Kelly Clarksons' departure from The Voice comes as Camila Cabello replaces her as coach

Kelly Clarksons' departure from The Voice comes as Camila Cabello replaces her as coach ...

Although NBCs show The Voice has always had an amazing judge panel and good contestants on it, we now have Kelly Clarkson leaving the show giving her place to Camilla Cabello. Yes, Kelly isn''t to be the judge of the show anymore, and we have the Havana icon, Camilla. Why is Clarkson''s choice?

Read ahead to learn more about Kelly Clarkson''s departure from The Voice making room for Camilla Cabello to join in.

Kelly Clarkson has been a professional performer. While she has been judged of the show, also hosting her own talk show. This year we will not be having her sit on the judging panel of Season 22 of The Voice. It''s been a surprise that Kelly has been a part of the show for a while.

This girl went from being a x factor competitor to being a vocal coach in this way. IM SO PROUD OKAY

Back in season 14, she joined The Voice as one of the judges on the show. In season 21, she also was among the judge panel with Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Ariana Grande. Throughout the day, we now have even Ariana Grande.

Kelly Clarkson so far has been busy with one or more professional work. While currently on season 21 judging The Voice. We had her work on the talk show hers too. However, now when she will reprise its show for its 22nd season, here are a few reasons for her departure.

Kelly is planning a song contest with famous rapper Snoop Dogg. This is where she is currently investing her time hopelessly. During the same 30-second trailer during Super Bowl Sunday, she wishes that she take a break for another personal moment.

While Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson will be left out of The Voice next season. Gwen Stefani and Camilla Cabello are the duos'' replacement. Yes, Gwen will replace Ariana Grande in the next season of The Voice.

On the other hand, Kelly Clarksons will be brought to the house by the Cinderella Camilla Cabello. Throughout the day, we are still to know when the 22nd season will come. Not to forget, Blake Shelton and John Legend will be there as the judge in the next season.

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