Sysdig has released a new troubleshooting tool called Kubernetes

Sysdig has released a new troubleshooting tool called Kubernetes ...

Sysdig, a unified container and cloud security company, has announced the general availability of Sysdig Advisor, a Kubernetes troubleshooting tool.

Developers and site reliability engineers alike can get a single solution for troubleshooting Kubernete container concerns, including live logs and a prioritized list of issues they can use to protect the environment more effectively.

This approach is designed to enable enterprises to mitigate security issues that threat actors may exploit, and to alleviate critical performance issues that hamper user productivity.

Finding a solution to problemshoot Kubernetes situations

The announcement comes as more organizations utilize Kubernetes and find it difficult to secure complex containerized environments, according to a survey. In the last 12 months, 94% of businesses reported one security incident in their Kubernetes environments.

The complexity of Kubernetes environments makes it difficult to anticipate and troubleshoot problems. When SREs or platform teams receive wind of problems in a Kubernetes environment, they are faced with a daunting task. According to Sysdig''s Principal Product Manager, Harry Perks, Kubernetes environments contain an order of magnitude greater components than traditional bare metal or VM environments.

Perks highlights two key reasons for the challenge in securing these environments: firstly, that 44% of containers live less than 5 minutes, and secondly, because 54% of businesses fail to provide the appropriate in-house skills to operate Kubernetes.

Problemshooting is difficult at best due to these two reasons. At worst, the time it takes to pinpoint a serious issue in a production environment may result in long-term outages or poor performance, according to Perks.

The global container and Kubernetes security market

Securing Kubernetes is a difficult task many providers are calling to address, with researchers anticipating that the worldwide container and Kubernetes security market will grow from a value of $714.0 million in 2020 to a value of $8,242.0 million by 2030.

Sysdig, which has raised $350 million as part of a Series G funding round, is currently holding a valuation of $2.5 billion, putting it in comparison to popular cloud monitoring providers.

Datadog, a business that raised $1.03 billion in income last year, has diversified into infrastructure and container monitoring, which allows users to easily discover new containers and services.

Dynatrace, an application performance management company, has reported a recurring revenue of $930 million annually, offering infrastructure and container monitoring, combined with automated container discovery and real-time container visibility.

Sysdig Advisor differs itself from other competitors by providing additional information on Kubernetes environments. other vendors may instruct you that your container is in a crashloopbackoff condition, but without the level of detail Advisor can provide, they aren''t able to explain why.

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