Following Kendrick Lamars' new songs, R Kelly's musical skills sparked online debate

Following Kendrick Lamars' new songs, R Kelly's musical skills sparked online debate ...

Kendrick Lamar has come up with a song, and it has mentioned R Kelly. It has caused a debate on social media dividing the netizens into two on supporting and not supporting R Kelly''s musical work. Well, Lamar actually had two songs from his album, and it just included R Kelly in it. Due to this, the social media was irritated. But how did the netizens react?

Read ahead to learn more about Kendrick Lamars'' songs, which are causing a social media debate about R Kelly''s musical abilities.

While the album of Lamar, Mr. Morales, and The Big Steppers have two songs that mention R Kelly. We had Lamar with Taylour Paige in the song We Cry Together singing in an argument. Paige sings the song Youre for the reasons R Kelly can''t recognize him.

After which the stage for Lamar begins as he says his lines. The song was thought to have R Kellys'' name in the context of his controversy and later sentencing over it. In fact, another song by Lamar from Mr Morale mentions the controversial singer saying he was self abused in his childhood.

Before falling into any conflict, R Kelly was a well-known and much-loved singer. However, he was in a situation when he claimed that he was a se* offender. The allegations against him were serious and serious and he was terrible for his career.

Yes, R. Kelly has been completely canceled, but let''s not lie and say his music was inadequate.

In fact, he was accused of slandering women of different abilities. Finally, this forced him to fall into legal trouble and confronted critics for all those who had criticized him. The result of that, his career ended with him leaving him as a controversial artist.

In the wake of all of this, Kendrick Lamars'' song has just made social media abuzz with the criticism of R Kelly''s musical abilities. The debate is actually about whether Kelly was a good music artist or not.

While many of them are simply supporting the idea that he was not. Despite the pressures that Kelly has had around him, many have said that his musical abilities were excellent. Many defended his viewpoint and should be different. This has therefore sparked a buzz on social media.

I wish that yall would not say that everybody listens to R. kelly music secretly like no, and no, we dont promise you the music isn''t that great.

Because you must listen to it in secret, that means that you know what you think is wrong. So like where do we go from here?

When you remember k. Dot almost took all his music off Spotify, it''s difficult to think about the R. Kelly line in We Cry Together.

I fully dissect if you choose to or choose not to listen to R Kelly''s music. If you cancel his music, you''ll have to fall short of every song he has written, written, and featured. I''m still unsure what he did. I''m still putting his music on the line. I''m still doing it.

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