Megan Fox is a pregnant man as MKG drops an early warning towards the BBMAs with her song and calls her wife?

Megan Fox is a pregnant man as MKG drops an early warning towards the BBMAs with her song and calls  ...

On stage, the 32-year-old rock musician spoke of their unborn kid while referring to Megan Fox as his. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have always managed to raise their head whenever they walk on the red carpet. And the couple did so again at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 15. Out of their eye-catching ensembles, the pair was pushed back when the rapper-singer spoke about Megan Fox as his wife throughout his performance.

Machine Gun Kelly hints at Megan Fox''s pregnancy, which she has previously dismissed. On Page Six, the 32-year-old rock musician chuckled about their unborn child while teased of Megan Fox as his wife. While performing his song Twin Flame, Machine Gun Kelly sparked fresh concerns.

At the Billboard Music Awards, machine Gun Kelly addressed the audience and said, "This is for our unborn kid," as the sound of a heartbeat captivated the audience. Both have not stated if they are married or expecting their first child together. Interestingly, the two argued that they would follow in the footsteps of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker before having a quickie wedding in Las Vegas.

With Megan Fox''s last Instagram post, she said, "We asked for magic." In July of 2020, we sat beneath this banyan tree, adding, we asked for magic. We were unaware of the labor and sacrifices that the partnership would take of us, but we were shocked by love. And then there was the karma. However, fans have decided to offer her the space and freedom to release a new song whenever she wants.

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