The intestine of Sugar Bear will be surgically removed

The intestine of Sugar Bear will be surgically removed ...

Sugar Bear is known for being Honey Boo Boo''s father and previously being engaged to Mama June. He gained an eye on his character due to his appearance as a person. He also received some positive revelations recently.

Sugar Bear was believed to be having gum cancer, which prompted a lot of fans to be concerned about his health.

After making an appointment, it was previously reported that his self-esteem was improved, which included a hair transplant, Botox, filler, liposuction, tummy tuck, a fresh haircut, and a new razor.

According to TMZ, Sugar Bear isn''t allergic to gum disease. Sugar Bear went to a cancer specialist,Dr. Babak Larian, who performed a biopsy on him.

On Thursday, a study found that a benign tumor on his salivary gland could become cancerous, so hell will be taken out next month. We are pleased that sugar Bear will have the ability to live a good life.

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