Watch: Jackal's Deleted Battle Scene is Revealed in a Video from Moon Knight

Watch: Jackal's Deleted Battle Scene is Revealed in a Video from Moon Knight ...

With Oscar Isaac''s stunning performance, one might guess it impossible to forget. The new Disney+ show saw the introduction of a new human being who is diagnosed with Disassociate Identity Disorder, alongside being acquired by Khonshu, which he''s had a lot of baggage.

The first time audiences see the titular character in his whole outfit is at the end of the first episode. It isn''t long enough, but the quick moment was still noticeable, with the hero returning to the camera after brutally dispatching a jackal off-screen.

A new footage from Oscar Isaac''s stunt doublehas revealed how the scene might have gone down differently. In an alternate timeline, Marc Spector would have had a bunch of fight scenes showing his brutal manner of fighting.

Deleted Jackal Battle Scene

Jamel Blissat, a stunt performer on Instagram, shared a video of a fight sequence he plotted, posing a deleted scene from the opening episode of Moon Knight.

According to Blissat, the whole "restroom [sequence with Moon Knight] was supposed to be a real fight against the jackal," instead of the off-camera rant that brought the product to the last level:

"At the start of the first appearance ofMoon Knightin the restroom was intended to be a real fight against the jackal. This is one of the stunt prefiz."

The entire video is shown below: a stunt performer standing in for Moon Knight as he fights a fake jackal in a bathroom set. Performers include steps such as the hero being dragged across sinks, being slammed into mirrors and smashing sinks across his enemy''s face.

The Moon Knight Battle That Could Have Been

From what the deleted video shows, it appears like the fight would not only have been extremely brutal, but also one of the best in the whole series. Many are undoubtedly shocked to see how this never made it to the screenunderstandably.

Although the project generally didn''t have as much action as the usual MCU project might, the finale should have made up for that. While it wasn''t a jackal battle, it was a massive Kaiju throwdown. This isn''t even mentioning the damage Moon Knight and Mr. Knight caused as they walked through Harrow and his friends.

The violence in the recent series was a lot of fun, especially with the likes ofDaredevil and many of the battles within theCaptain Americaseries. Hopefully, the Fist of Khonshu will be back on screen soon rather than later so fans may see him continue to perform his duties.

Moon Knightis is now available on Disney+.

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