Michael Waldron, the writer of Doctor Strange 2, teases his future at Marvel Studios

Michael Waldron, the writer of Doctor Strange 2, teases his future at Marvel Studios ...

Michael Waldron has been working for Marvel Studios for many years. For those who don''t know the name, he is the writer responsible for writingDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessto life. He has also been responsible for several of the most significant Marvel Cinematic Universe projects sinceAvengers: Endgame.

His time onLoki reintroduced Variants and even ensured that alternate worlds would be possible in the first place. Besides, he appeared to introduce the first version of Jonathan Majors'' Kang the Conqueror to appear on-screen, He Who Remains.

Waldron hasn''t been slowed down, as he got to take control of one of the world''s best beings and pitted her against everyone''s favorite sorcerer, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Fans will have to make sure they go see the film to see how the situation ended.

What''s next for the writer, with that film now in theaters?

Michael Waldron''''s Future at Marvel Studios

In an interview with The Playlist, Michael Waldron, commented on what might be next for him until the two projects come to an end.

Will he return to work for the MCU? Waldron said, "he] hope[s] so, and how "he''d] love to stay in that world:"

I hope so. I hope so. I love working over there. At some point, I''ll probably need to find something to direct myself. However, I would like to stay in the world, and I''m so interested in learning more about filmmaking. It''s a lot of fun.

After Scott [Derrickson]... departed, the writer recalled how he "really began with "Multiverse of Madness" in February 2020, where he and director Sam Raimi were able to "really start from scratch."

After Scott [Derrickson] and the original screenwriter on the project Jade Bartlett left, Sam Raimi joined a couple days after me. So they were kind of inheriting the foundation of that idea and going to try to get it ready to start shooting in a few months, but that was then, in February 2020. So basically everything shut down cause of COVID, which gave Sam and I the opportunity to set all that aside and really start from scratch. So there is not really anything that remains, but Sam

What Will Waldron''''s Project be Next?

The next installment of Waldron will manifestly beLokiseason 2. However, Waldron will not be holding the reins on that oneinstead, and it will be writer Eric Martin, who was credited with writing the fourth and sixth installments of the Disney+ series'' first season.

What might Waldron do next for Marvel Studios?Doctor Strange 3 is an easy choice,and Marvel Studios has already given him some really high-profile projects. Since he now has experience working with the iconic sorcerer, this path seems an obvious choice.

Another option might be working on an Illuminatiproject. A project about the group has been rumored previously, and with their appearance inMultiverse of Madness, there is precedence for the group''s existence. Could Waldron be the one to orchestrate their creationon Earth-616?

Doctor Strange in Madnessis is now playing in cinemas across the world.

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