Joe Russo, the director of Avengers, reveals his own endgame ambition with Marvel

Joe Russo, the director of Avengers, reveals his own endgame ambition with Marvel ...

The directors of Marvel Studios has seen the greatest rise in stardom in Hollywood history. After engaging in the hit seriesCommunityandArrested Development, Joe and Anthony Russo landed a position as the director ofCaptain America: The Winter Soldier. After receiving a job at the helm of the movie, the brothers have taken the lead on three of the company''s biggest blockbusters, including Captain America: Civil War,Avengers: Infinity War, and Endgame.

Fans of The Russo Brothers'' desire to start their grand return to the MCU, which they are apparently already in discussions for, are focused on their own films at AGBO. Just six years after its beginning in 2016, the production company has produced a number of significant films includingExtraction, 21 Bridges,Cherry, and The Gray Man, all of which included some of the MCU''s most famous stars.

One half of the filmmakers has revealed the true endgame strategy of their work at Marvel Studios, with Joe and Anthony Russo''s future in the air.

Avengers Director Reveals His Hollywood Dream

At the Sands International Film Festival, endgame director Joe Russo discussed his long-term strategy in Hollywood as well as the Marvel universe.

Russo made a reference to the experiences in developing a film called Section Eight Productions, which he learned in seeing Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney. In 2000, the duo founded the studio before closing it down in 2006, whenSoderbergh decided to move on and focus on his own projects:

The experience of seeing [what] Steven [Soderbergh] and George [Clooney did with Section Eight [Productions] was incredible. But when you look at the roster of people that went through there, it appears to be overpowering. They shut down the company and left, and he was like, I just wanted to focus on my movies. And then he began returning to much more personal filmmaking, which he has been doing for a while.

The Marvel director recalled talking toSoderbergh and explaining that "indie filmmaking is in TV," because creativesget more money, support, and time to talk about stories to invest more in characters. Russo continued to discuss how this offered more opportunities to "make decisions without compromise on the business side," but ultimately it was their dream to eventually start their own studio:

"And I recall having a conversation with him in the early 2010s, saying, "Look, man indie filmmaking is in television." So, we started looking at that as a result of what [working in television] was giving us, because it allowed us to make decisions without compromise on the business side, because I thought they might be tough to cancel even if they weren''t highly commercial. "We made our own studio.

Russo agreed to discuss his and his brother''s transition from television to Marvel. While Russo admits that he "loved watching those movies," he stated that one of his biggest hopes with Marvel Studios was to "[raise] capital to start [their] own studio": "They were [their] own bosses;."

"And when we got the Marvel opportunity, we saw that as a potential to leverage these significant commercial activities into developing our own studio. So at the end of the day, we might really be our own bosses, and that''s the route we took. So even if we did four for them, I say that in jest because we loved making those films. We love those films.

Again, referring toSteven Soderbergh who had an unfortunate experience working with Sony and decided not to work with studios anymore. After learning that lesson, Russo developed a desire to have enough leverage to avoid dealing with the problem on their own projects in the future.

"But it led us to a very different location," says the author. One of the lessons we learned about Steve Soderbergh was famously sliding away from the company because he was so sick. He gave up his hands on a film and said, Fuck it, but I am not working with studios anymore. So we thought, can we get to a point where we have sufficient leverage to prevent this problem.

Is The Russo Brothers a Marvel fan?

The Russo Brothers have only been operating AGBO for six years, and yet they have already received unprecedented success. The Gray Manlooks, which is expected to be another hit on this year, was even behind the recent Multiverse smash itEverywhere all at once.

The studio is planning plenty more major productions, including collaborations with Netflix, Disney, and Universal, so the couple will clearly be keeping track. However, there is still a possibility that the fan-favorite actors will still return to Marvel Studios in the coming years for another blockbuster project likeAvengers 5, which is expected to modify theSecret Warsstoryline.

The Russo Brothers have quickly become among Hollywood''s most famous producers, as well as behind the second highest-grossing film of all time, giving them a strong upper hand in transferring their original productions to major retailers such as Netflix and Disney.

No matter the origins of The Russo Brothers'' work with Marvel Studios, the result was evidently fantastic and resulted in films they are appreciative of and admired. Only time will tell if the directors will return to the MCU anytime soon, and fans can only keep their fingers crossed for a blockbuster reunion in the future.

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