The Office Star claims that the show was so unsettling and wrong

The Office Star claims that the show was so unsettling and wrong ...

In an interview with EW, Jenna Fischer said it just felt like she had done something wrong. Moreover, it was possible that the entire series would end with more episodes than the cast. In the same way, the studio also released a series of videos showing the character''s favorite characters. In the end, the cast had to take a step back, allowing them to listen to the whole footage in the long run. Finally, there''s always room for discussion.

The Office''s US version is easily one of the most popular television comedies of all time. After nine seasons, the show was able to conclude with a satisfying finale that left viewers happy and spook all of the news about Dunder Mifflin employees. There was nevertheless a time when it was possible that There would have been two more seasons of The Office.

In their next book The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office, Jenna Fischer said the reactions to the discussions in the comments were mixed, but they agreed to pursue them until the next season (maybe more) or finalizing things with Season 9. Both the authors said, however, that this conversation had to be a daunting one to make. Kinsey said the reactions in an interview with EW simply felt like, and it felt different. It also slammed the fact that they could slowly make up excuses for

While everyone loves The Office, it''s hard to disagree with this choice. Steve Carell, aka Michael Scott, had already lost some steam after season 9, but adds that many of the cast were successful in the show. It seems like this was really the only way to go. If the show had already so many different aspects, it''d be better to let them go again. Instead of dragging things along, The Office was able to go out on a high note.

The Office''s fans may always stream episodes over and over instead of worrying about extra seasons. Also, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey have an ongoing podcast called Office Ladies, where they rewatch the entire series and go in-depth on behind-the-scenes issues. Plus, you should have plenty of content to learn a ton about everyone''s favorite mockumentary series. With hours of The Office content out there, fans may be quite satisfied with what they have. Remember the ninth season of Scrub

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