Jake Lockley Was Secretly Teased in 12 Moon Knight Scenes

Jake Lockley Was Secretly Teased in 12 Moon Knight Scenes ...

In Phase 4, mental health has proven to be a significant area of exploration as Marvel begin to examine the benefits and limitations of being a super-powered person in this world. Bucky Barnes and the Winter Soldier took part in therapy, and WadaVisionsaw what happens when the world''s most powerful person reaches her breaking point, andMoon Knightis is beyond complicated in itself.

Marc Spector has a recurring identity disorder, which he has encountered with many people in his head, including former soldiers, mercenaries, and the Avatar of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, while Steven Grant is a British museum worker. Marc has developed this identity to escape his mother''s abuse.

The two grew close by the end of the series, giving Oscar Isaac the opportunity to perform a powerful performance as both the main characters. However, along the way, there was always a sense of looming presence - a third alter affecting Marc and Steven throughout the season.

Jake Lockley, a Spanish-speaking limo driver known for his brutal killings, was finally discovered in the post-credits scene. Despite the fact that the episode was played for six episodes, there were plenty of teases, nine of which included the remainder.

1.)The Mysterious Date

As he arrived to work to discover that he had a date with a co-worker that he didn''t remember booking, the first taste of Steven''s multiple identities. This was initially assumed to be Marc, but now knowing that he married to Layla, that is certainly not the case. If, however, Marc was simply trying to wingman his opponent.

2.)Steven''''s First Murder Blackout

Steven was forced to withdraw from the action after learning in the Alps during a battle with Harrow''s men. He was pushed to leave after seeing his followers take the scarab. While he was being clamored upon to take the scarab, Steven was limited to seeing bodies near him. These are now Jake''s first of the season.

3.)Mirror Reflections

While Marc and Steven often used them to contact each other during the season, Moon Knighthad viewers are stunned. However, there are some instances in which Steven may be seen as a looming presence. For example, when Steven returns to bed after the cupcake van chase in the Alps, he sees a mirror in which three reflections are faintly visible.

Steven wanders through the museum at night before being attacked by a jackal; he takes a brief look at a display case on the way. Two reflections may be seen, mostly as Spector and Lockley.

4.)Marc''''s Cracked Personality

Marc and Steven conversed in the pyramid''s close-up reflection, which is seen to be divided three ways via a crack in the mirror, indicating the three distinctly different personalities.

5.)The Pyramid Metaphor

As the conversation escalates, Spector ends by punching and dissecting the mirror out of anger against Steven, retaliating his hostile opponent, otherwise known as Jake Lockley.

6.)The Taxi Tease

Marc approached Harrow''s men in Egypt with a knife; meanwhile, Steven tried to talk him out of doing the deed. However, Spector died anyway and woke up in a taxi to the airport, and there was no question whether this was Steven or not. However, Marc may imply Lockley''s comic career as a taxi driver.

7.)Jake''''s Rageful Killing

Marc was becoming increasingly violent during his confrontation with several of Harrow''s men on an Egyptian rooftop, and Steven was attempting to talk him down, but he eventually blacked out, after almost being knocked out, only to return to their deaths. This appears to be the first time Marc had experienced this nature, as well as his utter horror and remorse.

8.)The Rattling Sarcophagus

In the final moments of Episode 4, Marc escaped himself from the clutches of the asylum workers. After they reached out to Steven, the pair took him past a second sarcophagus, which was clearly to symbolize Jake''s aggression and rage.

9.)Attacking Dr. Harrow

Marc is being interviewed in the underworld asylum by Dr. Arthur Harrow, and he loses his temper, develops a crazed face, and approaches for a sharp paperweight to use as a weapon. In the moment of anger, Isaac appears to be adept at some of the New York accent, which is known to date where Jake is from, at least in the comics.

10.)Going AWOL

Spector recounts his English alter during Marc and Steven''s journey down the memory path in the asylum. This includes going AWOL in a fugue state, escaping from the military, and mercenary career. For those unaware, a fugue state is a term for what happens to Marc when he blacks out and turns into other alters. This may be assumed to be Jake Lockley, who has departed his military post.

11.)Jake Saves the Day

Mere was taken down by Marc minutes before Jake Lockley was announced in the post-credits scene in the finale. He was then caught off guard by someone else than Steven, and took down Harrow and many of his friends, as he was on the verge of death. As previously reported, these attacks were brutal and violent, to the point they even caused sorrow to Layla.

12.)The Three-Faced Oscar Isaac

Moon Knight has apparently been teasing Jake Lockley from the start, but this is because of the series'' credits, which may be the most prominent. As Oscar Isaac is credited for his role in animated films, three distinct faces are coming off his body to symbolize the three identities: Marc, Steven, and Jake.

Jake Lockley''''s Hidden Easter Egg References

After all of his criticisms, Jake Lockley was finally revealed to viewers inMoon Knight''s post-credits scene. Now that Marc and Steven are free of Khonshu, or so they think, Jake is continuing to serve as his avatar. His brief appearance saw him collect Arthur Harrow from a hospital, killing staff on the way inside, before killing him in a limousine as he said "Today is your turn to lose."

In the face of his murders, Jake isn''t much known so far, but even Marc does not seem to be aware of his existence, so who knows how he came to be. Lockley is arguably the most loyal to Khonshu as he continues to work for him and is refusing to pursue his goals further because to the brutality of his murders and the willingness to murder the civilian hospital staff.

The second season ofMoon Knight has yet to be confirmed, and it''s difficult to imagine Jake Lockley''s story moving beyond a solo project. So who knows when the Fist of Vengenace will return to screens next, but for the time being,Moon Knightis is available on Disney+.

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